17 Year Anniversary Gift for Wife

17 Year Anniversary Gift for Wife.

A loving marriage, especially one that’s been around for a while, is always a beautiful thing. So when a wedding anniversary comes around, it’s always a special occasion well worth celebrating.

Seeing as love and marriage and all that is totally our jam around here, we’re the first to jump on the anniversary bandwagon. If you or someone you know is getting ready to commemorate 17 years of “for better or worse”, we’ve got an arsenal of anniversary gift ideas for your consideration.

Check it out – we’ve included something here for any husband, wife, or happy couple!

  1. What Are the Traditional & Modern 17th Anniversary Gifts?
  2. 17th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her
  3. 17th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him
  4. 17th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Anyone

What Are the Traditional & Berbudaya 17th Anniversary Gifts?

We’ve published our share of wedding anniversary gift posts through the years. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that the designated traditional and modern gifts enau’t always consistent.

The big 17 is a good example. Classically speaking,
the 17 year anniversary gift is furniture.
Easy enough.

But when it comes to the 17th anniversary gemstone, some references say carnelian (aka red agate), and others say amethyst, citrine, or pink tourmaline. Also, we’ve seen
thrown around quite a bit – potentially a new, modern alternative to furniture?

17th anniversary card "bedder than ever"

So, alongside furniture and watches, the anniversary gifting experts at L&L have made the executive decision that
carnelian is, in fact, the official gemstone
of the 17th anniversary.

We love it, you’ll love it, and it’ll make your gifting endeavors that much easier. We have spoken. For whatever that’s worth.

17th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

1. Carnelian Necklace

by Etsy: OscarJewelryBoutique

Round 14k Solid Gold Carnelian Necklace

Oh my goodness, it was love at first sight when we saw this brilliant piece of jewelry! Classy and simple, it’s the perfect gift for a woman with great taste. The shop will even gift wrap it for you upon request.

Available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and silver. Chain available in lengths 16-22 inches.

2. Carnelian Drop Earrings

by Novica

Carnelian .925 Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

Ok, did anyone else think of an exotic Eastern bazaar when they saw these earrings? Well, we did.

It just so happens that Novica is a family-owned, fair-trade business based in Jaipur. All of their gorgeous, unique jewelry (like these earrings) is hand-crafted and designed by local artisans.

If you love this design, there’s a matching necklace available, too.

Made from sterling silver and carnelian. Length: 1.3 inches, including hook.

3. Vanity Table

by West Elm

Mid-Century Vanity Desk Set

This desk is a perfect example of the clean lines and minimalist design of mid-century Scandinavian style. Five roomy drawers and an oversized mirror make it a stylish, practical addition to your favorite lady’s primping routine. It’s a classy, practical gift to fulfill the traditional furniture anniversary category!

Made from eucalyptus, ash, or poplar. Comes in acorn, pebble, and white finishes.

4. Oriental Decorative Shoe Cabinet

by Houzz

Gold Lacquer Shoe Cabinet Birds and Flowers

For something a little more eclectic (but equally as practical), how about a gold lacquer 18th-century style Chinese shoe cabinet? Hand-crafted by artisans in the Guangdong province, this piece is so unique, we guarantee she’ll love it.

It’s made from solid wood, and the design is hand-painted on a gold leaf background.

5. Floral Watch

by Etsy: DanjeGallery

Silky Flowers Design Waterproof Watch

In a sea of monochrome rubber smartwatches, why not give her something that stands out from the crowd? We love the romantic floral design and metallic mesh band on this art nouveau watch. No matter what color you choose, she’s bound to get tons of compliments on this modern gift.

Comes in rose gold, black, and silver.

17th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

6. Carnelian Cufflinks

by Etsy: DesignedByAudrey

Spicy Red Carnelian Cufflinks

These cufflinks are the perfect accessory for a well-tailored shirt. The rich red tone (so masculine!) and 18K gold combo create a clean, modern design.

7. Unique Engraved Wooden Watch

by Etsy: TSGKingsWood

Unique Engraved Wooden Watch

Quite distinct from most modern wristwatches, this handsome wooden watch makes a seriously original statement!

It’s completely hand-crafted from walnut with an analog quartz movement dial. Have a personal message engraved on the bottom wishing him a very happy 17th anniversary, and your husband will have an heirloom gift he’ll treasure forever.

8. Cologne

by Sephora: Tali kendali Ford

Tobacco Vanille

We have it on good authority from a guy with great taste in cologne that this scent, without fail, has everyone within a two-foot spektrum asking, “What are you wearing? You smell amazing!”

Tobacco and vanilla blend with ginger to create something panas, gorgeous, and full of swagger. This romantic gift may be for him, but you are both sure to enjoy it!

9. Air Hockey Table

by West Elm

HB Home Mid-Century Air Hockey Table

Who knew an air hockey table could be so beautiful? Modern, mid-century design meets rec-room fun to create what we declare to be a piece of furniture suitable for an epic 17 year anniversary gift.

If your fella has a man cave or space reserved for fun and games, this will make his day!

Four pucks and four goalies included. Assembly acquired.

10. Rock Art Side Table

by Etsy: RusticHomeWallArt

Classic Rock Art End Table

Another excellent candidate for a man cave! This colorful side table is a must-have for the music lover. Sure to become one of his favorite conversation pieces, it’s decorated with ki kenangan art from an eclectic mix of artists from Jimi Hendrix to Journey.

Comes fully assembled.

P.S.- Want to do a little more side table shopping for a 17th anniversary? Have a look at our post on unique side tables. We happen to think our picks are pretty cool.

17th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Anyone

11. Experiences

by Virgin Experiences

Whether it’s taking it easy on a staycation or embarking on an adventure, every couple deserves a little time away together.

Virgin happens to offer a wide variety of things to do in cities worldwide! No matter where they live or what they’re into, your favorite not-so-newlyweds will find something they can’cakrawala wait to do.

If you happen to know exactly what they want, you can book their experience for them. If not, there’s a gift option, too. Either way, it’ll be a memorable anniversary.

12. Coffee Table

by CB2


We think this spinning coffee table makes a great gift simply because it’s beautiful, functional, and fits into any decor. Don’horizon need much more than that, am I right?

The acacia finish and modern angular shape are striking as is, but the movement of the piece makes it a bona fide work of art to put your coffee on. Features one open storage space and two roomy drawers.

Check out our post dedicated to nothing but beautiful coffee tables for some more coffee table options.

13. Carnelian Bonsai Tree of Life

by Kalifano

Carnelian Natural Gemstone Tree of Life

Sparkling carnelian is said to have properties that promote warmth, energy, endurance, and joy – all qualities you’ll find in some of the strongest relationships.

A carnelian tree of life is the perfect gift for a couple who are not only celebrating their 17th anniversary but are looking forward to celebrating many, many more.

The tree features 108 gems and is mounted on a Brazilian agate base. It comes in a beautiful gift box, all ready to wrap and deliver.

14. Trunk Secretary Desk

by Pottery Barn

Trunk Secretary Desk with Drawers

Oozing personality, this secretary desk is the perfect example of how vintage style can add so much flair to a room! It features antique steamer trunk detailing like logam tack trim and leather straps with a distressed, textured finish.

It also boasts tons of storage space with four outer drawers and two bagian dalam drawers. The drop-down desktop provides plenty of extra shelf space for decorative or practical purposes.

15. End Tables

by Anthropologie

Carmen End Table

We think these quirky little steel end tables are just the thing to spruce up any space! They’re designed to look as elegant holding cocktails at a sophisticated dinner party as they do holding a cup of tea next to a cozy chair.

Comes in round, oval, or teardrop shapes with your choice of black or rust finish.

16. Geometric Bookcase

by Wayfair

Geometric Bookcase

Bookcases are an important addition to a living space because they often hold the most personal things we own. They’re meant to showcase things like our books, knickknacks, keepsakes, and other sentimental items front and center. You have to admit that the symbolism alone makes this a perfect wedding anniversary gift!

We fell in love with this bookcase because it serves that function beautifully – but it also stands as an interesting piece on its own!

Comes in eight trendy colors to match any color palette. Some assembly required.

17. 19th Century Victorian Desk

by Etsy: Ohioarchitectural

Victorian Mechanical Secretary Desk

This gorgeous, one-of-a-kind stunner is the perfect traditional gift for an antique-collecting couple!

It’s crafted from burled walnut and rosewood and features plenty of drawer space beneath the desk cabinet. At the height of sophistication in its time, this beautiful piece of furniture includes a mechanism on the central desk door that automatically opens the upper cabinet doors.

Inside the upper cabinet, you’ll find a built-in desk organizer. The lower cabinet features interior drawers and open shelving for storing essentials.

18. Coat Rack

by Pottery Barn

Lucy Coat Rack

We think every home needs a good old-fashioned coat rack, and we just love this one’s simple silhouette and rustic charm! Made from sustainably sourced mango wood and powder-coated steel, it’s also fair-trade certified, so you can gift responsibly.

19. Patio Furniture

by Nuu Garden

3 Piece Patio Bistro Sets

There’s nothing better than a functional patio space for spending lazy mornings sipping coffee or enjoying afternoon cocktails after a long day. And when you envision that patio, you picture a quaint three-piece bistro set to go there, right?

We do too, and we happen to think it’s a great 17th anniversary gift idea for the couple who likes to share their outdoor space!

This trio is made from antique bronze finished cast aluminum with an anti-rust coating to preserve its beauty. It also features an umbrella hole in the table if extra shade is needed.

Assembly required.

20. Bola dunia Warung kopi Cart


Classic Globe Bar Cart Liquor Cabinet

This vintage-inspired bola dunia/restoran cart is an excellent example of multi-tasking at its finest! Beautifully decorated both inside and out, it holds nine glasses and three bottles inside the hinged globe and has extra space at the base for more.

It has caster wheels for easy mobility, and the bola dunia itself spins for display. It’s a fantastic conversation piece for your favorite couple’s next dinner party!

If you like the idea of giving a bar cart to your favorite 17th-anniversary-celebrating couple, but you aren’cakrawala sure if a globe is right for them, check out our post on bar carts to see carts for all types of tastes.

21. Word Art Print

by Etsy: WordsAndRainbows


Typographical art is always a favorite around here – in fact, we created an entire post dedicated to it. We think this word art print is a great way to commemorate 17 years of wedded bliss in the most personalized way ever!

Pick the color you prefer (there are 16 to choose from), then select which size you’d like. Then indicate whether you’d like an unframed printed copy sent to your home or a PDF file sent to your email to download and print as you wish.

Communicate to the seller which words and phrases and send any photo files you’d like to include in the print.

The finished product is sure to be a 17th anniversary keepsake the happy couple will display proudly!

22. Carnelian Agate Slices Art Print

by Society6

Carnelian Agate Slices Art Print

The gorgeous colors and patterns of carnelian agate combine to create a truly unique and stunning piece of wall art that’s perfect for a 17th wedding anniversary gift. We’re picturing it standing alone on an entryway or bedroom wall. It would be an equally lovely addition to a gallery wall, too.

No matter how it’s displayed, it’s proof positive that Mother Nature is the best artist EVER.

6,205 Days and Counting…

If you and your spouse are celebrating your 17th anniversary, congratulations! It’s a great time to reflect upon how far you’ve come together and the possibilities that lie ahead in your future.

It’s also a great time to pat yourselves on the back for sticking together through thick and thin!

We sincerely hope we’ve brought some anniversary gift ideas to the table to make your day special. Here’s a toast to every ride-or-die couple out there makin’ it happen.

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