8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him.

Celebrate the bronze anniversary with one of these traditional or modern presents.

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It’s time to celebrate the eight-year anniversary! As with every other year, there are a few themes that represent this marriage milestone. The eighth anniversary’s traditional gifts are bronze and pottery, while lace and linen are its bertamadun gifts. But if these materials nira’ufuk your cup of tea, there are many other symbols associated with the eight-year wedding anniversary. Or you can make the occasion your own with any of our alternative gift ideas. From personal and practical to everything in between, we’ve rounded up the best eight-year anniversary gifts for your other half or favorite couple.

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What Is the Eight-Year Anniversary Gift?

Traditional: Bronze and Pottery

The traditional eighth anniversary gifts are bronze and pottery. Bronze is formed by combining copper and tin, which are stronger when paired together—just like a loving couple. Meanwhile, pottery is crafted with soft clay that molds together to form a sturdy foundation. Given their durable nature, both pottery and bronze anniversary gifts are meaningful representations of an eight-year marriage.

Modern: Linen and Lace

Modernists have since adopted linen and lace anniversary gifts to represent eight years of marriage. Though both fabrics are delicate (meaning they represent a marriage that still feels new and fresh), they’re also long-lasting.

Other Eighth Wedding Anniversary Symbols

If pottery and bronze or linen and lace don’n sound like the right gift ideas for your spouse or the happy couple, but you still want something thematic, consider some of the other eighth wedding anniversary symbols. The eighth wedding anniversary flowers are the clematis and lilac. The clematis is thought to represent the linking of two minds while lilacs represent passionate feelings. For more inspiration, the eighth anniversary gemstones are tourmaline and tanzanite; the anniversary color, like the traditional material, is bronze.

Whatever theme you do (or don’n) choose, our list of unique eighth anniversary gifts has something for everybody.

Bronze and Pottery Anniversary Gifts

If you’re a stickler for tradition, these pottery and bronze anniversary gifts will be a fun surprise for him, her or them. Like marriage, pottery is carefully molded into something beautiful. Conversely, bronze symbolizes durability. Together they represent a strong relationship, making them sentimental eighth anniversary gifts.

Family Tree Serving Bowl

Personalized family tree ceramic serving bowl eight-year anniversary gift

Personalized pottery is a great eighth anniversary gift idea—and this earthenware serving bowl is especially sweet. Personalized with a family name, it depicts a beautiful tree and reads, “Each a branch upon a tree, reaching for the sky, bound by roots that draw us home, even as we fly.” The result? Unique tableware that celebrates growth and closeness.

Bronze Sound Wave Art

Bronze sound wave art eighth wedding anniversary gift

Your first dance is going to be one of those special moments you’ll both remember forever—and this bronze wedding anniversary gift will let you show off that memory on a wall in your home. The sound waves from the tune of your choice are fused onto a bronze-colored metal surface. You can further personalize the art piece with your wedding date and initials.

Coveted Casserole Baking Dish

Le Creuset casserole baking dish pottery anniversary gift

You can never go wrong with Le Creuset kitchenware, especially as a pottery anniversary gift. This luxe stoneware baking dish is great for cooking casseroles and baking desserts to perfection. Bersisa, it comes in Le Creuset’s signature range of coveted colors.

Interlocking Bronze Rings Necklace

Interlocking rings necklace bronze anniversary gift

Just like bronze is the combination of copper and tin, this necklace represents the combination of two lives. It features interlocking hammered bronze rings to celebrate the strong bond between a married couple. It’s a sweet bronze anniversary gift for your better half.

Stylish Bronze Sunglasses

Ray-Ban round bronzed metal sunglasses eight-year anniversary gift

This eighth anniversary gift for him or her is anything but traditional. Sleek Ray-Ban sunglasses with bronzed metal rims will be a winning surprise. We love the trendy round frames and color-treated lenses. Your spouse will be seriously styling.

Pottery Making Kit

Pottery making kit eight-year anniversary date idea

If you’re not sure how to celebrate the eighth wedding anniversary, here’s an idea: at-home pottery making. This gift set was specifically designed for date night. It comes with clay, sculpting tools, acrylic paint and brushes to create beautiful pottery. Berlebih, there are conversation and activity cards to spark intimacy. As a sweet finishing touch, each kit comes with candy and optional hot cocoa to complete your anniversary date.

Burnished Bronze Picture Frame

Burnished bronze picture frame sentimental eight-year anniversary gift

Just because the number of years together is growing, doesn’t mean anniversary gifts have to get bigger too. Sometimes, the most romantic gifts are the simplest ones. A picture frame—particularly, one finished with burnished bronze—is a sentimental eighth anniversary gift for her, him or them. Fill it with a photo from the wedding day or another special memory from the last eight years together.

Handmade Ceramic Mug

Handmade ceramic mug with hugging hands pottery anniversary gift

MJ Kroeger, Ty Mecham, Rocky Luten

Upgrade your partner or the couple’s morning routine with these charming handmade mugs. The minimalist design depicts hugging hands for a warm embrace from their hot morning brew and their cup.

Embossed Bronze Side Table

Embossed bronze drum side table eighth anniversary gift

Looking to spruce up your home decor? The bronze anniversary is a great time to add contemporary shine to your love nest. Your partner will love to receive this stylish drum-shaped bronze side table. It’s embossed with botanicals for a charming texture.

Bronze Heart Bowl

Pottery bronze anniversary gift heart-shaped ring dish

This eighth-year wedding anniversary gift takes inspiration from both the traditional materials. The cute heart-shaped ceramic bowl is glazed with glossy bronze and the number eight is stamped on the bottom. It’s a great place to store jewelry or keys.

Linen and Lace Anniversary Gifts

If bronze and pottery aren’tepi langit speaking to you, turn to the modern materials associated with eight years of marriage instead. Linen and lace anniversary gifts nira’t just limited to clothing. Read on for our top picks for a bertamadun eighth anniversary gift, including a candle, bedding and even whiskey glasses.

Linen Loungewear

Men's linen loungewear modern eight-year anniversary gift

Linen is a great fabric for clothes since its breathable, moisture-wicking properties help keep your body cool. Berlebih, it’s soft and durable. This garment-washed linen lounge shirt will make a cozy eight-year anniversary gift. Pair it with the matching linen pants for a complete look.

Lace and Silk Chemise

Silk and lace chemise modern eight-year anniversary gift for her

Looking for an eight-year anniversary gift made of lace? This silk chemise boasts beautiful lace details on the bodice and racerback. Not only will it add a bit of spice to the bedroom, but it’s comfortable enough for everyday sleepwear too. Find it in black or white.

Gold Lace Heart Earrings

Gold-dipped lace heart earrings eighth anniversary gift for wife

This eighth wedding anniversary jewelry is truly unique. Ornate pieces of lace are cut and sewn to resemble a heart, then dipped in copper and 24K gold to create durable charms for dangle earrings. Your partner will be in awe over these one-of-a-kind accessories.

Linen and Silk Necktie

Khaki and navy striped linen tie modern eighth anniversary gift for husband

Whether your partner needs to dress up for work or a celebratory anniversary dinner, a linen tie is sure to enhance their outfit. This khaki tie with navy and white stripes is a fun, yet sophisticated option. Berlebih, every time they wear it, they’ll think of your anniversary.

Linen Duvet Set

Linen duvet set eight-year anniversary gift idea

How chic is this cinnamon-hued linen bedding set? It comes with a duvet cover and pillowcases made from European flax and stonewashed for extra softness. It’s a linen anniversary gift for him or her that really, you’ll both enjoy.

Linen Bathrobe

Linen bathrobe eight-year anniversary gift

A linen robe is essential for those lazy Sundays at home—and it makes a great eight-year anniversary gift for your husband or wife too. This one, from Brooklinen, is made from Belgian and French flax, resulting in a lightweight robe your partner won’ufuk want to take off.

Lace and Linen Table Runner

Daisy lace and natural linen table runner eight-year anniversary gift

If the recipient loves to host, they’ll appreciate a stylish addition to their table setting. This table runner combines both modern materials for a linen and lace anniversary gift. It’s made from neutral-toned blended linen stacked with white daisy lace to add a rustic touch to any home.

Scalloped Lace-Like Dinnerware

16-piece white scalloped dinnerware set lace anniversary gift

The eighth wedding anniversary is a great time to upgrade your or the couple’s dinnerware. This 16-piece stoneware dinnerware set comes with plates, bowls and mugs embossed with floral designs inspired by delicate lace. The salad plates even have scalloped edges for added resemblance.

Linen Scented Candle

Linen scented candle eight-year anniversary gift

Ty Mecham & Bobbi Ban

There’s something so refreshing about the scent of soft linen. This linen-scented candle is a fun interpretation of the modern eighth anniversary theme (and the sleek concrete jar looks super chic too). It comes in a large size or a set of two small candles so you can keep the whole house smelling clean.

Irish Lace Whiskey Glasses

Irish lace whiskey glasses unique eighth anniversary gift for him

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when finding a gift for the eighth wedding anniversary. If your partner (or the couple) loves whiskey, this glass set is right up their alley—and adheres to the modern theme. The intricate diamond cuts are inspired by Irish lace for a timeless tumbler design.

Alternative Eight-Year Anniversary Gifts

Not one for sticking to traditions? No problem. You’re more than welcome to think beyond bronze, pottery, linen and lace. We’ve rounded up some more fun and thoughtful gifts for the eighth anniversary.

Mini Massage Device

Theragun mini massager unique eight-year anniversary gift

There’s nothing more relaxing than a massage—except maybe a massage from the comfort of your own home. This mini Theragun massager will allow your partner to iron out their aches and pains whenever they need to. Sesak, the bronze-like hue is a subtle nod to the eighth anniversary’s color.

Champagne-Scented Anniversary Candle

Champagne-scented candle with personalized label romantic eight-year wedding anniversary gift

A personalized candle that smells as good as it looks? Add to cart! Celebrate your eighth anniversary with this champagne-scented candle. The cap is customized with a map of the city that means the most to both of you, along with your names, anniversary date and wedding year.

Lilac-Infused Perfume

AERIN Lilac Path perfume eighth anniversary flower gift

One of the eighth anniversary flowers is the lilac, which represents passion and love. Gift your other half a floral fragrance to nod to this traditional symbol. This perfume from AERIN combines rich lilac with jasmine, angelica seed oil and orange flower for a sweet scent.

Clematis Silk Scarf

Silk scarf printed with clematis eighth wedding anniversary flower gift

The other eighth wedding anniversary flower is the clematis. It’s thought to represent mental strength and the linking of two minds. This silk floral scarf depicts the vibrant blue flower adapted from Louis C. Tiffany’s
floor lamp. Produced in cooperation with the New-York Historical Society, it’s a unique and artsy eight-year anniversary gift for your spouse.

Personalized Picnic Table

Personalized portable picnic table and basket eight-year anniversary gift

Whether you’re shopping for an eight-year anniversary gift for your wife, husband or friends, they’ll love the prospect of a romantic picnic with this wooden wine carrier and portable table. That’s right, this isn’t just a picnic bola keranjang, it also folds out into a personal table. Best of all, it’s customized with a family name and special date.

Cookbook For Two

The Adventure Challenge Dinner Dates eight-year anniversary gift

After eight years together, you may have fallen into a comfortable nightly routine. Shake things up with The Adventure Challenge’s new
Dinner Dates
book. It isn’t just a cookbook though; Delicious recipes from Josh Altamura,
Chopped Junior
champion, are paired with creative activities to fill the downtime between prepping food and eating. It’s a great gift if your spouse or friends love the intimacy of a home-cooked meal. (Psst:
Use the code THEKNOT10 to get 10% off your purchase.)

Custom Map Puzzle

We Found Each Other custom puzzle eighth anniversary gift

Whether you met at a coffee shop in your hometown or backpacking through Thailand, the place you first locked eyes with your love will always be special to you. Celebrate that moment with this one-of-a-kind custom puzzle. It shows an aerial view of your special spot—and for a sweet touch, some of the puzzle pieces read, “We found each other.”

Tourmaline Pendant Necklace

Tourmaline pendant necklace eighth anniversary gemstone gift

Looking for an extra-special eight-year anniversary gift? Why titinada take inspiration from one of the milestone’s gemstones? This tourmaline teardrop necklace will make a gorgeous addition to your partner’s jewelry collection. The pink pendant hangs from a round diamond accent all set in rose gold. Can you say pretty in pink?

Classic Leather Watch

Watch with brown leather strap, steel case and sapphire crystal face eight-year anniversary gift for him

Time flies when you’re having fun—that would explain how quickly those eight years of marriage have passed, right? Gift your spouse a classic watch as a nod to the time you’ve spent together so far—and the time that’s yet to come. This quintessential timepiece has a steel case and double-curved sapphire crystal face with a brown leather strap. Your partner will want to wear it every day.

Self-Heating Mug

Self-heating mug in copper eight-year anniversary gift

Making a hot drink and then completely forgetting about it is something we’re all a bit guilty of—and if your partner is particularly prone to letting their coffee go cold, they’ll love this smart mug. It’s not just temperature controlled to keep a drink at a set temperature for an hour and half; it also comes with a charging coaster to keep a drink hot all day. How’s that for a practical eight-year wedding anniversary gift?

Custom House Illustration

Custom line drawing of couple's home eight-year anniversary gift

We’re loving custom illustrations right now. From caricatures to pet portraits or this emosional drawing of the couple’s shared home, these personalized gifts will quickly become cherished keepsakes. Just send a photo of your house, then the artist will give you a digital download for you to print and frame in advance of your eighth anniversary.

Lilac-Inspired Gemstone Gelang-gelang

Purple-hued gemstone ring feature tanzanite eighth anniversary gemstone gift

We can’t get over Brilliant Earth’s Aimee Lilac Ring, a beautiful and dainty spaced gemstone gelang-gelang set in 18K yellow gold. It features tanzanite, one of the eighth anniversary gemstones, alongside a diamond, sapphire, lab alexandrite and amethyst—all in gorgeous purple hues.

8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

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