Advantage Airlines Has a Set Fee

Advantage Airlines Has a Set Fee.

A lot of travelers often wonder whether or not the lesser levels of airline elite status are worth information technology. While it is true that there are limitations to these bottom elite levels when it comes to things like upgrades, in that location are still some pretty valuable perks you can take advantage of.

In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know almost American Airlines AAdvantage Gold status. I’ll comprehend things like the upgrade policies, priority boarding, free checked baggage, and all of the perks in between.

What is American Airlines Golden status?

American Airlines Gold status is the lesser level elite status for American Airlines.

Gold - 25,000 miles/points or 30 segments

How exercise you lot authorize for American Airlines Gilded status?

Earning Golden status by flying

At that place are two different methods for earning aristocracy condition with American Airlines via flying.

  • Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs) + Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs)
  • Elite Qualifying Segments (EQSs) + Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs)

So y’all can earn status by flying a sure corporeality of qualifying miles or a certain number of qualifying segments. Merely either mode you go yous will have to spend a certain amount of aristocracy qualifying dollars.

The standard qualifications for obtaining Gold elite condition are shown beneath:

Executive Platinum
oneworld Emerald
Platinum Pro
oneworld Sapphire
oneworld Sapphire
oneworld Cherry-red
EQMs 100,000 75,000 50,000 25,000
EQSs 120 90 60 30
EQDs $15,000 $ix,000 $6,000 $three,000

For 2020, American Airlines made exceptions to qualifying due to the decreased demand in travel from the coronavirus.

Now, in gild to accomplish Gilded you can fly 10,000 fewer miles or only 50% of the normal segments needed. The spend requirement has also been cut in half.

Here’s a look at all of the aristocracy status requirements for American Airlines for the twelvemonth 2021.

American will count all aristocracy qualifying flight activity flown in the quaternary quarter of 2020 toward a member’s 2021 qualifications.

AAdvantage 2021 tier requirements

Gilt Platinum Platinum Pro Executive Platinum
Elite qualifying dollars (EQD) two,000 4,500 seven,000 12,000
Aristocracy qualifying segments (EQS) 20 45 70 95
Elite qualifying miles (EQM) 20,000 40,000 sixty,000 80,000

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Coronavirus American Airlines extension

Considering of coronavirus American Airlines is extending the validity of status for many customers. For any status that is valid through January 31, 2021, that status volition exist extended through Jan 31, 2022.

Elite condition accomplished in 2021 is valid through Jan. 31, 2023.

For 2021, American volition also waive the elite qualifying dollar requirement for Gold, Platinum and Platinum Pro if members spend $30,000 on purchases with their eligible AAdvantage credit cards.

Golden members tin can likewise look for a $300 credit for an American Airlines Vacation package.

Purchasing American Airlines Gilded status

Sometimes, you could receive an offer to purchase Gold condition. For example, y’all might receive an email inviting y’all to purchase it for ~$500 to $1,000.

I would argue that given how some of the meaningful benefits tin can exist obtained via credit card, this volition often be a poor deal for the vast majority of people so I would not spring on information technology.

Fast track with hotel condition

If you hold Hyatt elite status like Globalist or Explorist condition, sometimes yous might be able to fast track your way to Gold status.

In the past, Explorist members could obtain Golden past meeting 7,000 EQMs or eight EQSs + $1,000 EQDs and Globalists could get it with 7,000 EQMs or 8 EQSs + $1,000 EQDs in a matter of three months.

Starting time class department on American Airlines.

What are the American Airlines Gold status benefits?

Drome benefits

One of the best things nigh earning elite condition with an airline is that your aerodrome feel becomes more user-friendly and also cheaper. Here’due south a expect at the drome benefits you’ll become as an AA Gilt member.

Priority cheque-in

From the moment you step human foot in the airport, yous should be able to access the priority check-in area which should have a much shorter line than the standard check-in lines.

Every bit a Golden member, y’all’ll be able to apply any business organization grade lane and if at that place is non a business class check-in lane available, you can use the beginning course check-in.

Priority security

You’ll also be able to breeze through a priority security line although if you have TSA Pre-Check or CLEAR you might desire to go with them instead.

Priority boarding

And finally, you’ll besides get priority boarding and you’ll be able to board with
Group 4.

Grouping iv is the concluding of the priority groups which means you’ll be boarding right before economic system. Information technology doesn’t sound very high upward on the nutrient chain but you’ll nonetheless be able to lath in time to ensure you have overhead storage bin space.

(If you concord the premium Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard you can also board with Group 4.)

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As well note that if yous happen to go far late at the gate and boarding is already going on, you tin can bypass the general boarding lines by showing your boarding pass.
Y’all can read more than about the boarding process for American Airlines here.

Picture of a boarding sign for American Airlines.
All members can board in the priority groups.

Checked baggage fee waived

Every bit a Gold member, you lot won’t accept to pay the AA checked baggage fee for your showtime checked bag. This applies to yourself and any guests traveling on the aforementioned reservation (excluding group reservations).

With a potential savings of $30 per bag, those savings could add together up pretty quick.

It’due south worth noting that you tin too get gratuitous checked luggage on domestic flights with the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Earth Elite.

As y’all climb up the elite levels, you’ll go 2 free checked bags and eventually iii as an Executive Platinum member.

Information technology’south worth pointing out that you lot do not get priority baggage delivery as a Gold fellow member.
This ways that your bags volition not be amidst the showtime to be unloaded unless you just get lucky.

Gratis same mean solar day standby

American Airlines volition allow you lot to take advantage of a gratis aforementioned-day standby flight. At that place’s no charge to standby for a different flight on the same day of travel when flight to/from:

  • United states of america and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Puerto Rico
  • Canada
  • Caribbean (select destinations)

Admirals club membership discount

Another perk is that y’all can get a discount on the American Airlines lounge access membership. If you are purchasing an private membership, you will salvage $25 so the full will exist $625 versus $650.

You tin can too go a discount when using your AAdvantage miles to buy a membership. Instead of 65,000 miles, your price will be 62,500 miles.

I would propose to look into the
Citi AAdvantage Executive Earth Elite Mastercard
for this membership.

A picture of the inside of an AA Admirals club lounge
The disbelieve on admirals lodge membership for Gold members is very modest.

Mileage bonuses

One time you attain Gilt status, you’ll earn more miles (xl%) every time yous fly.
This amounts to 7 miles per $1 spent.

And you won’t simply earn bonus miles on American Airlines and American Eagle, you tin too earn additional bonus miles when flight with:

  • British Airways
  • People’s republic of china Dragon
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Finnair
  • Iberia
  • Japan Airlines
  • LATAM Airlines Group
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Qantas
  • Qatar Airways
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Imperial Jordanian

Here’s a await at how the bonus earning rates compare with other aristocracy level statuses:

Executive Platinum Platinum Pro Platinum Gilt
120% eighty% 60% xl%

You’ll also get a base of 500 EQMs for flights nether 500 miles on American and oneworld partners. (But notation, you lot’ll get 250 EQMs for flights under 500 miles on Basic Economy fares.)

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Complimentary preferred seats

You can become costless “preferred seats” every bit a Gold member.

Preferred seats are basically economy seats with the same amount of legroom but simply more favorably located throughout the cabin. Basically, you lot but won’t be stuck in the back of the airplane. The cool thing about this do good is that it also applies to upward to eight passengers traveling with you on the aforementioned itinerary.

Complimentary Main Cabin Extra seats

Main Cabin Actress is the upgraded version of economic system with much more legroom and even gratuitous alcoholic beverages.

It’south really a pretty peachy experience and yous can go your upgrade confirmed within 24 hours of departure. This benefit also applies to upwardly to 8 passengers traveling in the same reservation with you.

Photo showing three rows of main cabin extra seats.
Principal cabin extra on American Airlines.

Complimentary Upgrades

As a Gold member, y’all are entitled to request a costless upgrade for yourself and for ane eligible companion on American Airlines flights 500 miles or less.

Upgrades are valid from the Main Cabin to the side by side course of service only upgrades aren’t allowed on Basic Economy fares.

If there is availability for an upgrade 24 hours prior to your deviation, your upgrade will be automatically processed.

These upgrades are valid for travel inside and betwixt all fifty U.s.a. states, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, and between the U.South. and Central America.

Continue in mind that clearing upgrades to business/first on a free basis equally a Gold member is not going to exist easy. These upgrades will be awarded based on aristocracy levels and you are at the lesser of the totem pole. ConciergeKey members are offset, followed by Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro, Platinum and then Gilt members.

Earned Upgrades

American Airlines will reward you with more upgrade potential as you do more flying.

You will be credited for 500 mile electronic upgrades for every 10,000 qualifying base miles y’all earn when yous purchase a ticket on eligible American Airlines, American Eagle, AmericanConnection and “airline participant” flights during your membership year.

Hither’s a list of the airline participants: Aer Lingus, Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Finnair, Iberia, LanChile/LanPeru and Qantas Airways.

For flights 500 miles or more than, you lot can apply earned or purchased 500-mile upgrades. One 500-mile upgrade is needed for every 500 miles of travel, so you’ll need to know the distance of your travel. And keep in listen that American Airlines will round up.

And then if your flying is i,750 miles, you would need to cover ii,000 miles by using four 500-mile upgrades.

With these upgrades, you’ll be able to upgrade from any eligible purchased, published fare in the Chief Cabin (excluding Bones Economy fares) or Premium Economy to the next class of service (Business organization or domestic First) for travel within North America.

Purchased Upgrades

American Airlines will allow you lot to buy more 500 mile electronic upgrades if you demand them.
These will cost you $forty per upgrade or if you desire to use miles, yous can purchase eight upgrades for forty,000 miles.

Y’all can call in to the American Gold hotline to buy them or too purchase them at an Admirals Club.You lot may also buy 500-mile upgrades on or through the AAdvantage Dial-In system.

You will also be able to upgrade one companion traveling with you on the same flight with your 500 mile upgrade.
Just be sure to link reservations if they were made separately.

Annotation: Each upgrade is valid for upward to 500 miles of travel on eligible American Airlines flights and each flying segment requires at least 1 upgrade.

Honour ticket upgrades

Every bit an American Airlines Gold condition member you volition not get gratuitous upgrades on honour tickets. These type of upgrades are merely reserved for Executive Platinum.

Systemwide upgrades

Every bit a Gold fellow member yous will not be awarded systemwide upgrades as those are reserved for Executive Platinum status members.

AAdvantage Gold Hot Line Admission

Similar many other elite status programs, American Airlines offers you a special hotline for being a Gold condition member.

You can use the special hotline for reservations, upgrades, seating preferences, or even to guild special meals. You tin can too use it to claim awards and purchase 500-mile electronic upgrades.

The Golden Hot Line telephone number is 1-800-848-4653.
But note that if y’all are outside of the continental U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan or the U.S. Virgin Islands, yous may need to contact your local American Airlines reservations office.

You lot’ll also get access to the exclusive service desk.

Award travel benefits

There’due south honestly not a lot of award travel benefits for a Gilded fellow member every bit they are mostly reserved for Executive Platinum. For example, you do not get expanded award seat availability or laurels change fees waived.

Withal, you can get special discounts on hotel and car awards.

Oneworld benefits

Y’all don’t get a lot of alliance benefits every bit a Gold member just you can go priority check-in and standby past having Gold Red condition.

American Airlines Golden status FAQ

What are the American Airlines Gold status benefits?

Priority check-in
Priority security
Priority boarding
Checked baggage fee waived
Costless same 24-hour interval standby
Admirals lodge membership discount
Mileage bonuses
Complimentary preferred seats
Gratis Main Motel Actress seats
AAdvantage Aureate Hot Line Access

Do American Airlines Aureate status members get priority boarding?

Yeah, you will be able to lath with Group iv (the last of the priority groups).

Do American Airlines Golden status members go gratuitous checked bags?

Gold members will receive their beginning checked bag costless.

What is the Admirals social club membership disbelieve for American Airlines Gold status?

You can relieve $25 on an individual membership.

How many miles per dollar do yous earn with American Airlines Gold status?

You will earn 7 miles per i dollar spent. This amounts to a 40% bonus.

What is the AAdvantage Gold Hot Line Access
telephone number?

The Gilded Hot Line phone number is 1-800-848-4653.

Concluding give-and-take

American Airlines Gold status is the lesser tier elite status so you can’t await too much with it. Merely it does provide some squeamish perks like the priority check-in and boarding and it has some upgrade potential. I would not pay hundreds of dollars for it simply I would happily accept the condition if my flight habits led to me getting it.

Advantage Airlines Has a Set Fee