Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Winston Salem

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Winston Salem.

Stephen Karagiorgis discusses an update to the iconography at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church by iconographer Aristidis Kovaci.

Officials at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Winston-Salmon talked this past week about the church’s iconography project.

Father George Kouzelis, the church’s parish priest, said the iconography will beautify “an already beautiful church.”

The icons painted by iconographer Aristidis Kovaci represent windows to heaven, Kouzelis said. They are scenes from the Bible, the early history of the Greek Orthodox Church and God’s interaction with his people, Kouzelis said.

“We venerate the icons,” Kouzelis said. “We express our utmost appreciation and thankfulness to the saints. The iconography is the most holiest place in our sanctuary.”

The history of iconography dates back to the early years of the Christian faith, the Winston-Salmon Journal reported in April 2005. Iconography flourished after the Roman emperor Constantine the Great made Christianity legal in the fourth century. Iconography was a way to biblical scripture to early church members, many of whom were illiterate.

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The project took place during the church’s Holy Week and coincided with its observance of Easter on Sunday, May 2, committee chair Stacy Karagiorgis said.

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Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Winston Salem