Ashley Johnson and Brian Foster Wedding

Ashley Johnson and Brian Foster Wedding.

Brian Wayne Foster
is the former host and producer of
Talks Machina
and other Critical Role shows, and appeared as a player in several specials.

Critical Role

Brian first appeared in the announcement portion of “Where the Cards Fall”
to announce the first four episodes of
Talks Machina, a talk show hosted by himself and co-produced with Dani Carr. The first episode of
Talks Machina
aired on November 15, 2016 and would go on to air every Tuesday, first on Geek & Sundry, then on the Critical Role Twitch and Youtube channels. The show ceased production temporarily during the COVID-19 Hiatus, from March through September of 2020. From 15 September 2020 onwards, it returned in a new, bi-weekly, pre-recorded and socially distant format. Brian remained its host until “Talks Machina
#161: Discussing up to C2E139 – Rebirth”
(TMx161), the last time a Campaign Two episode was discussed. He hosted “Talks Machina: Campaign Wrap-up”
(Sx31), a special four-hour episode discussing all of Campaign One, and appeared in “Critical Role Campaign 2 Wrap Up”
doing pre-recorded interviews with the campaign’s guest stars.

Between the Sheets, a one-on-one talk show, launched in September 2018 with Brian as the host and producer. He sat down with the Critical Role cast members and several other guests to discuss their life and experiences. Each bagian was concluded by a short segment where Brian explained how to make the beverage chosen by the guest to drink during the interview.

In February 2019, Brian debuted as co-host of Travis Willingham’s Yee-Haw Game Ranch alongside the titular Travis Willingham. The two of them played video games together and were frequently interrupted by puppet characters, played by Critical Role staff and cast members, to reveal the lore of the Gameverse. The puppets called Travis “the chosen one”, while Brian was roundly insulted and belittled, sometimes quite harshly. Beginning 21 April 2020, due to the hiatus caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the show was re-named “Yee-Haw Off the Ranch” and instead featured Ashley Johnson as Brian’s co-host, with the show being filmed from their home.

On August 16 2021, Critical Role and Brian announced that he would be moving on from the company to focus on personal projects.[1]

Brian’s Player Characters

See also: Player characters played by Brian Wayne Foster

  • Kingston LaForge (“Critical Role: Kedai minum Room Blitz”
  • Liam Las Vegas (“Trinket’s Honey Heist”
    and “Honey Heist 2: Electric Beargaloo”
  • Brian (“Critical Role and the Club of Misfits”

Episodes DMed by Brian

Brian and Ivan Van Norman created UnDeadwood, which Brian also GM’d. Undeadwood is the first miniseries produced by Critical Role, with a kuantitas of four episodes airing in fall 2018. The miniseries used the
Deadlands: Reloaded
setting for the Savage Worlds RPG system.

Other Works

→ See also: Brian’s IMDb profile
Brian is a writer, poet, and singer/songwriter. He is the author of
Blackened White, a best-selling series of short stories and poetry released in 2012. His first EP of original music titled
was released the following year.

Personal Life

Brian and Ashley Johnson began dating in 2012 and announced their engagement in December 2018.[3]
They live together with their two dogs, Henry and Bullock.

Brian plays(-ed) a home game of Dungeons & Dragons, with
Steve Blum
and Logic, including
Critical Role
regulars Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Will Friedle.[4]
Logic is a close friend of Brian and has also appeared on
Between the Sheets.


  • Brian is often made fun of by members of the cast as a running joke, and Brian himself feeds into this constantly. Common jokes include the facts that he smells like a cabbage, is kept locked in a cage between appearances, and is a generally unpleasant person.
    • In an episode of State of the Role where Marisha gave a video tour of the new
      Critical Role
      studio, Brian appeared inside a locked logam cage used for storing equipment. Marisha gave him water through the bars, acting like he was an animal in a cage.
  • On
    Talks Machina, Brian liked to “#ThankMyGuests” with names that are either mispronounced or wordplay that sounds close to their names. He also did the same when crediting himself. Here are the names Brian used for himself:
  • Crying Game Foster
  • Friar Boston
  • Buy Him Plain Pasta
  • Liam O’Brian Wayne Jody Foster
  • Affordable Chris Hardwick
  • Crying Jody Foster
  • Brian N. Faster
  • Buying Wine Faster
  • Bananas Strain Faster
  • Brian “It’s Actually Five Attacks” Foster
  • Brian “the host makes berpenyakitan wanna gouge my eyes out” Foster
  • Buyin’ Plain Lobster
  • That Gen Con Outfit Was Bananas Foster
  • Biting Wench Fondler
  • Bring Doublemint Frosties
  • Blindspot, Wrap Faster
  • Bardic Lovin’ Rasta
  • I’m Astray Without Her
  • Swearin’ Away Off Screen
  • Cryin’ Where Are You Yasha
  • One More Round of Trost, Sir
  • Would You Like To Buy Some Drugs Officer
  • Crying, Lame Hoster
  • Supplyin Laughs For You Monsters
  • Lying About Parole Officer
  • This is the closest Ashley has sat to me
  • Mall Cops Watch Harder
  • Drow in Waterways Hostile
  • Logic Went Platinum!
  • Acid Champagne Quaffer
  • Paddling Way Faster
  • Dryin’ Whiskey Coaster
  • I’m Sorry My Cabbage Jokes Lost Ya
  • Please Sir Can I Perona pipi Some More
  • Arsequeef’s Soft Serve
  • Likin’ My Posture
  • Addin’ Cali to the Roster
  • The Last of Us 2 Should Come Faster
  • Projectile Tears Cost Extra
  • Had Ashley, but Lost ‘er

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Ashley Johnson and Brian Foster Wedding