Can You Wear White Heels to a Wedding

Can You Wear White Heels to a Wedding.

Can you wear white shoes to a wedding? A wedding is one of the best social functions to get dressed up for. A night out with your date, friends, and family. You get to the party, dance, drink, eat and have an absolutely fantastic time.

We all start to think and decide what we are going to wear weeks before. Many of us use an upcoming wedding as an excuse to go shopping. There are several dos and don’ts when it comes to dressing up for a wedding. Can you wear black? Can you wear white? Can you wear white shoes to a wedding?

You have many options available and many choices are made because of the time of year or what the weather is going to be like on that day. The weather is why a lot of us change our minds a few days before. No one wants to freeze in a strapless dress if the weather is going to be cold especially if the venue is going to be outdoors.

Is it Ok to Wear White Shoes to a Wedding?

The general rule is to never wear anything white to a wedding. That means no white dresses, pants, skirts, tops, or even shoes.
You know the bride will be walking down the aisle in a beautiful white gown and you want her to stand out in the crowd. Wearing white to a wedding may look like you are trying to compete for attention with the bride.

There are a ton of other choices than white for you to wear to a wedding. You can find colors that match the theme of the wedding or the time of year. You can wear anything you want except white. Have fun with your choices and pick an outfit that shows off your personality.

Go shopping and try on fun dresses in different colors and prints with cute shoes to match. The possibilities are endless and you won’n feel your choices are limited because you can’n choose anything in white. A wedding is full of fun and happiness and you want your look to be comfortable and match the fun.

Comfortable and Stylish Shoes for a Wedding

Shoes can make or break your night out at a wedding. You want to make sure you are wearing shoes you can be in for a long time and can even dance in. Try not to wear brand new shoes because you will regret the decision or get a bad blister by the end of the night or maybe even sooner.

There are a few shoes that will make your night less painful. Shoes are the final touch to any outfit and can add a pop of color or personality to any look.

1. Ballet Flats

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Flats or shoes like loafers go well with so many dress types especially if you do not really like wearing high heel shoes. The most important thing is to make sure you feel comfortable in the shoes you are wearing.

2. Clarks

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Sandals are also very good for wearing with dresses for a wedding. You can use them for many dress styles. The good thing about sandals is that they come in various designs like high-heeled or kondominium soles, buckles or just straps, etc.

3. Lifestride Dress Shoes or Sandals

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This is a good, simple, and stylish type of shoe to use for any kind of dress style for a wedding. You can use it with some dress gowns, or almost any kind of dressing you want to do for a wedding.

A bonus would be if any of these shoes have memory foam in the sole. A comfortable shoe is a quality any bride should want as well. Wedding guests dance for hours, gather with friends and family and their feet pay the consequences.

A bride should wear her shoes before her wedding day. Walk around at home every night for a few weeks on and off to break them in. Doing this may stop you from getting blisters or having aching feet. You can even add some memory foam insoles into your heels for adding comfort.

What Color Shoes Look Best with an Ivory Wedding Dress?

A bride that decides on an ivory wedding dress is sometimes confused when it comes to buying the shoes for her big day. It is hard to find the most perfect match of ivory shoes to match an ivory dress.

Some brides choose to buy dyeable shoes. The shoes can be dyed to match any color you choose. However, dying white shoe ivory is boring. If you buy dyeable shoes, you should try to be different and add a different color.

There are a few colors that work best with ivory. Ivory is a wedding dress color many brides decide to wear. Ivory is classic and elegant. Some brides want to be different but they don’t want to stray too far away from white.

The colors listed below are all acceptable and will look great with an ivory dress. Choosing any of them is a great choice.

  • Nude
  • The Color of Your Wedding
  • Patterned to Match Your Personality
  • Pastel
  • Metallic

If your dress is white or any shade of ivory, you can also choose to match your shoes with your jewelry, which would be either silver or gold. You can also choose the shoes to be your “something blue”.

The shoes you choose for your wedding can be a fun way to express your personality. If you are not a high heel girl, wear tennis shoes. Maybe you love horses and own them and love being on the farm so you decide to wear cowboy boots. You may be known for your love of pink and so you choose to wear bright pink shoes with your white dress.

Why Would a Guest Wear White to a Wedding?

Wearing white is a sign of purity and virtue. Brides have worn white dresses to get married for years. If a guest decides to wear white to someone else’s wedding, it is usually a sign that they are trying to take away from the bride.

Some people have said wearing white as a guest to a wedding is disrespectful. Always go to a wedding to have fun and not cause bad feelings. Wearing white may cause you to feel judged and nobody wants to feel that way.

Attending a wedding is one of the biggest social events to be invited to. Wear something fun and be ready for a good time.

You can not wear white shoes to a wedding. Always follow the long-followed alam rule when it comes to wearing white to a wedding. The bride should have her day in the spotlight. She deserves all eyes focused on her. Women dream of their wedding day and having a guest show up in white is a definite damper on the wedding.

Can You Wear White Heels to a Wedding