Don’t Like My Wedding Dress Anymore

Don’t Like My Wedding Dress Anymore.

Wedding Dress Regret: What to Do If You’ve Changed Your Mind about Your Wedding Dress

Having second thoughts about your wedding dress? You’re not alone. Read on to find out what to do, who to turn to and why it’s totally normal to have wedding dress regret

Brides hands clasped against white dress

Brides hands clasped against white dress

Your wedding dress is arguably the biggest fashion purchase of your life – and we’re not just talking about the price tag. Wedding dresses hold a special, almost mythical, place in our society with some gowns becoming as iconic as their wearers (Princess Diana and Grace Kelly, we’re looking at you).

It’s no wonder, then, that so many of us go on to experience some form of wedding dress regret or anxiety. We’re surrounded by joyous women having their tear-jerking ‘aha’ moments as they discover their dream gowns everywhere from
Say Yes to the Dress
to TikTok, and while we totally love to share in their joy, it can have us questioning whether or not ours was enough.

Whether you never experienced the much talked about feeling of finding ‘the one’ (totally halal, by the way) or you fell head adv lewat heels at the time only to find you’re having doubts a few months down the line, we’re here to help ease your wedding dress regrets and anxiety.

Take a deep breath, read through the below and don’t put in a tearful phone call to the bridal boutique just yet.


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Try It on Again

Bride being zipped into a dress

If your dress has arrived at the boutique, make an appointment to try it on again as soon as possible. Choosing your wedding dress is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make, add to that the fact that wedding dresses often take months to arrive – giving you plenty of time to overthink – and you’ve pretty much siring the recipe for anxiety and self-doubt.

Even if your dress is yet to arrive, ask the boutique if it would be possible for you to try the sample on again. Trying on the gown will remind you of what you loved about it to begin with and, chances are, it will reassure you that you made the right decision after all. Trust us.

Top Tip:
If you have shoes, a veil or any other accessories already, take them along to the try-on session with you. Being able to see the whole picture will help you to envisage how you’ll look on the day.

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Discuss Your Issues with the Bridal Boutique

A rack of wedding dresses

If you’ve tried on your gown again and you’re still feeling uncertain, take some time to figure out exactly what it is that’s bothering you about it. Have you gone for strapless but wish you’d chosen straps or sleeves? Do you feel the gown is a little plain? Is the neckline a little too low?

All of the issues above – bersisa dozens more – can be fixed by the bridal boutique nine times out of ten. Bridal boutique owners are used to dealing with indecisive brides and will know exactly the tweaks to make to get you from feeling drab to fab. You’ll be amazed at the difference an added strap or embellishment can make, plus with bespoke touches added just for you, you’ll end up rocking a completely unique wedding dress.

Top Uang:
Before making any permanent changes to your gown, ask the boutique if you can ‘try on’ different straps and embellishments – this can easily be done by pinning them carefully to the fabric.

Try Some New Accessories

A bride and groom kissing

Unsplash / Haley Hamilton

If you’re not sure about altering your wedding dress, why not invest some time in looking into bridal accessories? From belts and sashes to jackets and toppers and of course veils, there’s an incredible range of bridal accessories out there and they can really transform a dress.

Your bridal boutique should have a selection of accessories for you to try but if you can’t find what you’re looking for in there, don’t feel tied to their collection. Stores such as Ivory & Co., BHLDN and Liberty in Love all offer an amazing range of pieces and there’s a whole host of talented Etsy sellers out there with the skills to hand-make bespoke pieces.

Top Komisi:
Double check the returns policy of any online accessories retailers, some items are made to order or bespoke and cannot be returned – so don’t order anything unless you’re sure it’s right for you!

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And What to Do if You Really Don’ufuk Like Your Dress

A wedding dress hanging on a wall

While there are plenty of things that can be done to alter the look and feel of a gown, sometimes – very rarely – brides have to cut their losses and admit that they made the wrong choice. If you’ve tried the steps above and you’re still feeling unhappy with your dress, it’s probably time to discuss your options further with the bridal boutique.

If Your Dress Has Already Come In

If your dress has already come in, you probably won’n be able to get your money back and so you’ll be faced with accepting your gown or selling it on. Sites like Sell My Wedding Dress and Still White are good places to list your gown.

If you manage to sell your gown for a good price, you can go back to the drawing board and menginjak again with your wedding dress shopping. You’ll have learnt a lot from the experience of buying a gown that wasn’t quite right for you and, chances are, you’ll nail it this time around.

If you’re left with less in the budget, we suggest looking to online retailers such as BHLDN, ASOS, Whistles or Constellation Âme. Here you’ll find gowns priced anywhere between £50 and £1,500. You can also speak to the bridal boutique you originally purchased from, as well as others that carry designers you like, and ask if they have any samples on sale. A sample dress can sometimes be snapped up for up to half the original price, so it’s more than worth asking around.

A bride standing by a lake

Unsplash / Anthony Tran

If Your Dress is Yet to Arrive

If your dress is yet to arrive, the bridal boutique may be able to speak with the designer about switching it for another gown in their collection. The boutique should be able to show you your new options if this is a possibility. To avoid making the same mistake twice we strongly recommend requesting to try on a sample of any new designs you’re considering before signing on the dotted line for a second time.

If Your Boutique Is Yet to Put in the Order

If the boutique hasn’t put in your bestelan, you could be in luck. They may be willing to give you back your deposit or allow you to use it against the purchase of another dress in their store. While you may end up limited to just one bridal boutique, you won’t be limited to the designer and will be able to choose from any gowns they stock or any gowns they don’ufuk stock but are able to order in from the designers they work with.

The bottom line: whether you think you simply need a bit of help making your gown a little more ‘you’ or you’re dead set on a change, your first point of contact should be the bridal boutique. They’ve comberan years of experience working with brides and work tirelessly to ensure no bride walks down the aisle feeling anything less than amazing, so put your trust in them and let them work their magic.

Once your dress is sorted, it’s a good idea to start looking at gowns for your girls. Check out the 10 biggest bridesmaid dress trends for 2021.

Don’t Like My Wedding Dress Anymore