Jaclyn Methuen had a tumultuous marriage on and off
Married At First Sight
, and here’s what she’s been up to since moving on from the reality show. Jaclyn was one of the season 2 couples that stayed together on Decision Day. However, she was ultimately blindsided by her partner’s fickle romantic interest in her. From the crashing and burning of her first marriage to the new family Jaclyn has built for herself today, here’s everything fans need to know about Jaclyn’s journey afterMAFS

Married At First Sight
season 2 introduced viewers to Jaclyn Methuen on the season premiere, which aired back in March 2015. When Jaclyn blindly said
“I do,”

she was 30 years old and worked as a vodka saleswoman. At the time, Jaclyn was matched with Ryan Ranellone, a 28-year-old real estate agent. Jaclyn and Ryan were from the New York and northern New Jersey regions, respectively. The couple got off on the wrong foot, which Jaclyn acknowledging that she didn’ufuk feel a strong attraction to Ryan. On the other hand, Ryan was enamored with Jaclyn and made her see him as husband material. So Jaclyn gave in onMarried At First Sight‘s dramatic Decision Day and agreed to see whether she could make her marriage with Ryan work.

Unfortunately, Jaclyn’s first few months afterMarried At First Sight
were full of disappointment. Even though Ryan was originally smitten with Jaclyn, the couple’s dynamic swapped completely after they finished filming the show. During the
MAFS season 2 reunion, Jaclyn noted that she didn’falak get affection from Ryan. Jaclyn revealed that she was prepared to ask for a divorce on Decision Day, but Ryan had convinced her to give him a chance. Ryan admitted that he didn’t put in“tremendous effort in trying to make it work.”Jaclyn was ready for divorce after theirMarried At First Sight
experience, claiming that
“It’s too late”

for Ryan to try to win her back a second time.

Ryan Ranellone Jaclyn Methuen Married At First Sight

Even though Jaclyn and Ryan didn’kaki langit work out together, the former reality TV star didn’horizon give up on her goal of finding a husband. According to Jaclyn’s Instagram profile, she’s been living her dream life since her relationship fromMarried At First Sight came to an end. In 2017, Jaclyn started sharing photos with her new boyfriend, whom she met on the Bumble dating app. Oper the years, Jaclyn shared photos from extravagant vacations the couple went on, some even afforded by Jaclyn’s continued work for Tito’s Vodka. In August 2019, Jaclyn announced that she and her new long-term boyfriend were expecting their first child. The next day, Jaclyn shared the news of her engagement with her 96,200 followers. In November 2019, theMarried At First Sightalum’s baby Alaina Rose was born. Jaclyn’s wedding plans, however, have been put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jaclyn was put through the wringer onMAFS season 2, but she made it to the other side. After giving up on Ryan after one too many chances, she successfully found a new husband-to-be and is raising the family she’s always wanted. Hopefully, more brides will learn from Jaclyn’s
Married At First Sight

experience and trust their gut.

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