17 Funny Bachelorette Party Gifts

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Gifts nira’t required at a bachelorette party, but if you do decide to surprise the bride (or the bride squad), there’s plenty to choose from in our round-up of best funny bachelorette party gifts! These are perfect for the bride and crew that loves to laugh and have a good time. Save the more serious gifts for the bridal shower!

Custom Lapel Pins

Check out custom lapel pins here!

The custom lapel pins are always an easy, great gifts for your bachelorette squad. Phrases like “Team Bride” or “Bride To Be” can be customized on the pins. To make them more special, you can add elements like the bachelorette party date, names of the wedding couple on the pins which will make everlasting memory.


Toast your beautiful bride by shooting bubbly in these Chambongs! They’re so fun and cute, you’ll want to get some for the rest of the bachelorette party squad too.

Custom Picture Mrs. Veil

Make sure your bride-to-be is dressed to the nines for a night out with this custom picture bridal veil! It’s so hilarious you’ll be laughing all night long.

Silly Sashes

These “100% that bride” and “100% that Bach” sashes are so much fun and perfect to coordinate you and your bachelorette squad.

Bracelet Flask

Does your bride love to a good drink? This bracelet flask is perfect for sneaking a drink into any occasion, including during the bachelorette party when her glass is running low!

Bride Swimsuit

Is the bachelorette party at a beach or pool? This sassy one piece is the perfect way to make your bride laugh while feeling fabulous.

Bachelorette Hangover Kit

Most mornings after the bachelorette party require a little bit of TLC. Save yourself and your bride tribe the headache (literally) by making sure everyone has one of these hangover kits.

Shot Glasses

Cheers your bride squad with cute shot glasses! These plastic ones are perfect for the day of the party, and the ceramic ones are perfect to send home as favors.

Funny Shirts

It’s titinada a bachelorette party if you’re not all sporting fun matching shirts! These are perfect for barhopping or if you’re hanging out during the day of a long weekend.

Cute Koozies

These adorable koozies are perfect for keeping her favorite cans cool on a hot bachelorette party day!

Custom Tattoos

These goofy customized tattoos will make your bride & the rest of the bride squad laugh, and will have them showing off their new tat all night long.

Mug Shot Signs

Play up the craziness of bachelorette parties with mug shot signs for you and your gals. Think of who fits what sign best and make sure to take lots of pics!

Sip-Worthy Cups

Make sure you’re sipping in style with these cute cups for you and your girls. These are perfect for the pre-party before going out, or if you’re having a lake or pool bachelorette party!

Bachelorette Games

Give the gift of fun with this bachelorette games bundle! You’ll find a scavenger hunt, drinking games, and of course, more naughty options inside for the more risqué groups.

Photo Opp Props

Make your bachelorette pictures stand out with fun props for you and your girls. There are printable versions (above) or hand painted ones where the work is done for you.

Resting Bach Face Eye Masks

Make sure your bride and squad get their beauty sleep with these adorable eye masks.

Personalized Party Glasses

Make your bride squad laugh and feel loved with personalized glasses for the bachelorette party. These glasses with silly sayings will be their favorite to drink out of once they take them home too – if they survive the weekend!

Make Sure You & Your “I Do Crew” Look Bach Ready!