Inn of the Seventh Ray Wedding

Inn of the Seventh Ray Wedding.

Inn of the Seventh Ray wedding

The Inn of the Seventh Ray is one of the prettiest wedding venues in Topanga. Many consider it to be the most romantic restaurant in Blong Angeles! I can see why.

The venue nestles in Topanga canyon, surrounded by grand old sycamores, waterfalls and a flowing creek. A gentle sound of wind chimes and the smell of incense flows on the breeze.

Holly, the wedding coordinator at the Inn of the Seventh Ray, is incredible. Because of her brilliance I already knew the venue before I arrived. She took the time to create video walkthroughs of the entire venue, complete with popular photo locations. You can take a virtual tour of the Inn


All day Holly ensured both myself and the other vendors were looked after, which added an extra layer of charm on this stunning venue.


Inn of the Seventh Ray

The Inn of the Seventh Ray is made up of multiple tunas-private outdoor areas and two indoor dining rooms. Each area can accommodate between 45-60 guests alone, and can be combined to accommodate up to 250 wedding guests.

The Fountain Patio is popular for ceremonies, and is the spot my couple said ‘I do’. A fountain is in the center of the patio, with a dedicated space for the ceremony. Marlayna’s sister is actually a stand-up comedian, and was the officiant for my couple. She perenggan us all both laughing and crying in equal amounts! They then moved to the Creekside Patio for dinner, speeches and the first dance.

This patio is the most sought after venue at the Inn, and for good reason! The Creekside Patio is surrounded by tall trees and foliage, with a gazebo just the right cegak for a newlywed couple.

After the speeches brought everyone to tears, the party moved to the Church Room. This room is actually where it all started. It was once a church and still has the stained glass windows high in the walls.

My couple and their loved ones danced the night away in that room! They spilled out onto the Creekside Patio for a bit of fresh air in between bouts of breakdancing (yes, breakdancing).

Note: we kept the doors closed whilst the diners downstairs in the restaurant were having dinner. If you rent the entire venue this would not be necessary. It was not an issue for my couple, though. Air conditioning and having a great time meant the closed doors were a-ok.


Getting married at the Inn of the Seventh Ray

Fountain Patio

– Holds up to 130 people seated. Also used for ceremonies.

Waterfall Patio

– Up to 45 guests. Overlooks the creek and provides an intimate garden setting.

Creekside Patio

– Up to 60 guests. Private, romantic and surrounded by foliage.

Garden Room

– Up to 50 guests, adjacent to the Fountain Patio. Frequently used as a cocktail or wine restoran at weddings.

Church Room

– Up to 40 guests, the original dining room of the Inn.

Parking is limited, but it works.


vendor love

The vendors at this wedding were amazing, I wholeheartedly recommend all of them:


Angela’s Florist

| DJ:

Bouquet Sound

| Transportation:

Riz Transportation

| Venue and catering:

Inn of the Seventh Ray

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Portra 160 |

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Ektar 100 |



inn of the seventh ray wedding

Inn of the Seventh Ray Wedding