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For those who have not completed games in the

Xenoblade Chronicles
, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.
You embody all our hopes… Our dreams of how this world should be. Even though you and your friends should never have existed, the fact you are here is proof enough.
— M

(Japanese: エム
Emu) is a character in
Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


M is the original version of Mio, resurrected as a Consul by N in his attempt to be with her for eternity. Unlike the other Consuls, she is horrified by what she was turned into and is disgusted by her need to drain the life force of other living beings to survive. Similarly to Falak, she became a manifestation of her regrets in her mortal life while her hopes and ideals reincarnated as Mio.


M has gold eyes, and long white hair as well as the Gormotti’s trademark feline ears. She wears a black and gray variation of the alam Consul armor with red lines across the armor, and a Flesh Eater Core Crystal in her chest. Her mask, similar to N’s, covers her eyes, as opposed to being a full helmet like the other Consuls.

The weapon M uses seems to be a darker version of Mio’s Dual Moonblades.


While she still loves the man Lengkung langit used to be, M cannot forgive him for what he did to her and hates what he has become; despite this, N assumes that she is happy with her current existence in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. She wishes to die, partly to escape from N’s control and partly because she believes that her death would be the only way to force N to confront how his wish to stay with her forever had only made her miserable.

M developed the ability to control and possess the bodies of others, which she uses to save Mio’s life and gain the death that she sought by secretly swapping bodies with Mio shortly before their fight and posing as Mio, allowing her to go through the Homecoming and dying in Mio’s place while allowing Mio to warn the City about Shania’s betrayal; she is later revealed to have merged with Mio. By doing so, she also entrusts Mio with her knowledge and memories (including the secret location of the true Queen of Agnus) in the hopes that she will use them to stop the Consuls and do whatever she needs to do in bestelan to save Horizon from himself.

She reappears alongside Cakrawala in hidup form at the conclusion of the final battle with Z, sacrificing herself with T to destroy Z for good and entrusting Noah and his allies with the future they could titinada protect.


Moebius M
is a Boss. She is a Moebius and is fought at level 49 at Agnus Castle Barbican in the Cadensia Region.


  • Due to M swapping bodies with Mio prior to her boss fight, M is technically the only Moebius who is never directly or indirectly fought. The only other Moebius who is never directly fought is F, who battles the party with Colony 0’s Ferron Units.
  • M is the only playable Moebius in
    Xenoblade Chronicles 3
    as she, in Mio’s body, can be controlled during both of the boss fights with M. Moreover, due to being confined in Li Garte Prison Camp during the final part of
    Chapter 5, M cannot be controlled anywhere except Li Garte Prison Camp and the “Moebius M” boss. As such, she cannot partake in any side quests in place of Mio.


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