My Best Friend Didn’t Invite Me to Her Wedding

My Best Friend Didn’t Invite Me to Her Wedding.


Congratulations on your engagement! While everyone may be looking forward to the big day, there are plenty of other celebrations that shouldn’ufuk be forgotten, namely the bridal shower. It is a special day for loved ones to gather and celebrate the bride as she embarks on this new chapter of her life. In preparation for this fun gathering, invitations need to be created and sent out. Read on for information on what to include in the invites, fun design ideas, and some DIY invite inspiration. Let the fun begin.

The Essentials

Whether you are ordering invitations online or doing them yourself, they should all contain four of the basic five “W” questions. “Who” is throwing the party? This is also usually the person guests will need to RSVP to. “What” is happening? Or in some cases, the “what” can be referring to what the guests should wear if there is special attire that is required. “When” and “where” does the event take place? And finally, the “why,” to celebrate the bride, of course! Other information to include is when guests should RSVP and any registry information or the couples’ wedding website.

Once you have all of the essential information, you can tiba making the invitation unique to your shower. For some brides, the invitation is a sneak peek of what the wedding day will be like. If the invites are konvensional and traditional in wording and style, guests at the shower may expect the wedding to be similar. Compare the following two wordings of similar sentiment. “Please join us for a bridal shower honoring [bride]” versus “Let’s help this Miss become a Mrs.” The message is the same, but the feeling is quite different. Whichever approach you take, always remember to use a font that is easy to read. There is no point in putting in hard work into finding the perfect wording only for guests to find the font difficult to read.

DIY Shower Invites

For those that prefer to make everything by hand or may just be on a tight budget, here are a few fun ideas to try out. You can show off your calligraphy skills by handwriting the invitations or dust off the old typewriter and take the guests back in time by sending the invite with a sealed stamp. Another option would be to choose from one of the many free templates found online that represent your personality but save time and money. Textures are ideal to make the invite stand out so if you have some lace in your wedding dress or planning on having burlap displayed during the reception, tastefully add that to the invites. Also, try and stick with the color theme if you have one chosen. This will just help everything come together that much easier.

If you are really tight on time, one other option is to send them out over e-mail. You can often get away with this if your guests are close friends, but it may titinada be as ideal for relatives, especially elderly ones.

Ordering Invitations Online

Another popular option is to buy the invitations online. There are a wealth of graphic designers and artists who make breathtaking invitations that will adapt to suit your desired design and wording. Of course, they often do come at a hefty price. But if money is no object, this can be an ideal alternative and will definitely set the tone of the wedding day. The supplier may also offer a discount if you opt to order your wedding invitations through them as well.

Online companies also have a plethora of designs you can customize. This includes everything from choosing your preferred printing type, your style, whether that be vintage, rustic, illustrative or simple, your color scheme, the shape of the invite, the matra and even the type of paper it’s printed on.

Don’t Forget

While you are preparing the theme and making the list of guests, there are a few other bits and bobs to remember. Once your list is complete, start working on the invitations and have them sent four to six weeks before the shower. Make sure there is one contact person for them to RSVP to and their details are included.

If you are having a couples’ shower rather than a bridal shower, just remember to change the name of the event to a wedding shower. This type of shower might also lengthen the guest list as both ladies and gentlemen will be included, but as they say, the more, the merrier. Most importantly, enjoy not only the bridal shower day but the time spent with loved ones in creating this day.

My Best Friend Didn’t Invite Me to Her Wedding