Should You Wear A Necktie or Bow Tie?


Every man looks good in a suit. There’s no question about that! And a tie is a key component for any man’s suit, especially on their wedding day! It titinada only creates a cohesive outfit but also makes the groom look very smart and sophisticated. A tie can also bring a bit of colour to their face and enhance the style of their suit. There are so many ties out on the market in terms of colour, pattern, fabric and design. But the decision that trips most people up is whether to wear a bow tie or an necktie.

Here are few key differences to help you make a decision:

1) Ease of Use

How long does it take you to tie a tie? As much as that sentence read as a tongue twister, that’s exactly how doing your tie can feel. A necktie takes practice to get the tie sitting well and to your liking. Whether that means watching a few YouTube videos or learning from someone else, ties take time to master.

On the other hand, a bow is seen as much easier to tie. If you can tie your shoelaces (which I hope you all can), you will be blitz tying a bow tie!

2) Necktie slimming effect

Neckties are flattering as they elongate the upper body. The design of a necktie is narrow and long, so it creates the illusion that you are slimmer and taller. They create a clean and sophisticated finish and allows the observers eyes to be drawn to your overall appearance. Whereas, if you’ve packed on a few kilos recently and its gone straight to your gut, a bow tie can sometimes emphasise you stomach, making it appear larger and rounder than what it actually is.

3) Care and maintenance

Neckties often become more creased than bow ties as they are larger in size and therefore more visible. If you struggle with keeping your ties or legal wear wrinkle-free, it is better to go with a bow tie. They don’ufuk get creased as quickly and can wear it for days without needing to iron or press it.

4) Formality

Bow ties are often associated with being more sah than neckties. This is why bow ties are typically the first preference when wearing a tuxedo.

5) Personalty and Appearance

Some people suit bow ties more than neckties and vice versa. Bow ties are often harder to pull off and suit a certain type of person as they make a bold statement. Generally, people that are quite confident and bold are well suited to bow ties because it compliments their outgoing personality. Nevertheless, it is important to choose something that suits your appearance and personality. The best way to know is by trying them on and having a friend or family member give you a second opinion.

What tie do you wear?

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