Should You Match Your Wedding Date

Should You Match Your Wedding Date.

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Are you going for a first date and you intend to make it spectacular? You don’t have to do what everyone does on their first date. If you want to set yourself apart from the crowd, try these unexpected first date ideas. They will electrify your date and help you to make an unforgettable first impression. And who knows, maybe you will still talk about it many years from now.

Visit a Museum

Extraordinary, right? There’s a common misconception that museums are full of old boring art. However, these days there are a lot of contemporary museums that showcase intriguing modern  and contemporary pieces. Art is always a good conversation starter, and you can get to know more about your date’s perspective through art.

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Do you know of any organizations in your distrik that could do with a helping hand? An example of volunteering would be feeding the homeless or visiting a senior center. Here you can get to see your date’s human side by seeing how they relate with the less fortunate. Afterward you can spend some quality time with your partner over a meal or a cup of coffee.

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Tour Your City

Visiting tourist sites around your city is a great way to spend your first date. Every town has a lot of hidden gems which you can explore with your date and spend quality time together.


Watching a Live Game

This sounds rather boring, but it can be exciting on your first date. Sport matches have a very dynamic atmosphere and are exciting. Also, if you’re lost for words you can always talk about the match. A few games to watch are basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, rugby or golf.

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Visit an Arboretum or Botanical Garden

There’s nothing as romantic as watching different species of birds and plants on your first date. Being in nature is also very peaceful and will give you a lot of quality time. Combine the trip with a picnic to impress your date even more. To sit on a picnic blanket amongst flowers and birds with nice snacks is a very relaxed yet romantic way to get to know each other.


House Hunting

Is either of you looking for a place to live? Why not ask your date to come along? House hunting can quickly help you find out plenty of things about your partner. Ask them a few questions during the hunt, and you’ll discover whether they’re spendthrifts, good planners or have a good eye for detail as well as their tastes and preferences.

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Visit a Psychic

A psychic can tell you right away if you’re compatible or not. Of course, visiting a psychic depends on your beliefs, but you might find it interesting whether you believe in fortune-telling or not. There are a lot of fake psychics these days, so be sure to do in-depth research on your psychic before the visit.

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Attend a Cooking Class

You are going to get hungry at some point, right? Try attending a cooking class where you can both learn how to make delicious meals that you can eat afterward.

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Watch Movies at Home

Watching movies at home will give you and your date intimate time to bond. Instead of visiting a movie theater where you have to watch whatever’s showing, you can pick any movie that you like at home. You can also save money if you happen to be broke. After all, broke people need to date too.

Visit a Flea Market

Flea markets have many activities that you can do together with your date. From eating to buying trinkets and gifts or listening to different bands play their music, there’s no shortage of activities. Flea markets also take the pressure off the date, as you’re not focused on each other all the time but can pay some attention to bargaining and browsing for rare finds.


Should You Match Your Wedding Date