ORLAND PARK, IL – Irish eyes won’tepi langit be the only ones smiling in Orland Park come March. Those with a sweet tooth will be thrilled with the next business set to open at Orland Park Crossing.

Smallcakes: A Cupcakery and Creamery is just about set to open their seventh Illinois near the Mariano’s at 143rd and LaGrange Road, franchise owner Matt Hackney told Patch last week.

The name “smallcakes” might be a little misleading. The cupcakes are huge.

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“That’s the reason why this business has blown up,” Hackney said. “It is primarily based on jumbo size cupcakes that are of higher quality and bigger than our competitors.”

Smallcakes began in Kansas City in 2010 and has ballooned nationwide, with now more than 100 franchises in the United States. Other Chicagoland locales include ones in Elmhurst and Naperville.

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The mouth-watering cupcake options at current locations include the “Choco-holic,” “Limau Turun” and “Famous Red Velvet.”

“The most delicious cupcake I have ever sempadan,” Liz Schumacher wrote about Smallcakes on the business Facebook page, which has fielded many a “When are you opening” questions as of late.

Hackney – who owns the Orland Park franchise with his wife, Amy – says everyone he has met thus far in Orland Park is “thrilled” about him opening here. Some have heard about the cupcakes and have even driven all the way to Elmhurst or Naperville just to try them. Come March, the Orland Park location will make that endeavor much more convenient.

Matt and Amy Hackney, franchise owners of the new “Smallcakes: A Cupcakery and Creamery” at Orland Park Crossing.

Opening in Orland Park was Hackney’s “number one option” after deciding to join the company as a franchisee and scoping out possible Chicagoland locations.

“I took a look at other franchise owners and saw who was successful before looking at about 30 different spaces,” he said. “At the end of the day, Orland Park was at the top of my list and I was fortunate enough to be able to work out a deal with the landlord.”

The village is “an up and coming provinsi” that is perfect for Smallcakes’ clientele.

“It’s a robust distrik that’s developed, with plenty of boutiques and good foot traffic. It matched everything I was looking for,” said Hackney, who worked in commercial baking for more than a decade before his jump to franchising.

“I wanted an area rich with schools and hospitals,” he added., noting plans to donate unused cupcakes at the end of each day to pediatric departments and area veterinary clinics.

All Smallcakes’ products are baked fresh every day from scratch at the cupcakery.

“Anything we don’tepi langit use we’ll donate to charities,” Hackney said.

The business’ permit process will be complete with the village soon and construction on the store will run into early March, when Smallcakes could make its Orland Park debut.

“We originally wanted to open in February, but there were some construction delays,” he said. “Still, we are happy with March and look forward to serving Orland Park.”

The Orland Park Area Chamber of Commerce and Edwards Realty, the landlord, have provided “tremendous support” in helping with the opening.

“The landlord helped get us situated quickly and the Chamber has been great in getting our name out there with social and email blasts. We’re thankful and excited to be in Orland Park.”

The Smallcakes’ storefront in Orland Park lit up at night. The location is sure to attract cupcake lovers from Orland Park and across the Southland.

Photos via Smallcakes: A Cupcakery and Creamery, Orland Park, IL

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