The Column of Trajan Features What Type of Art

The Column of Trajan Features What Type of Art.

The Concept of Traditional Music: This is generally music that is created in a mutual manner, has continued from the time of its product right down to the present solar day, is pop and oft played and recited in its region and by local people, and is usually bearding.

All of the above.

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Answer: Bobby lived up in the mountains past himself. Today was only a normal day like any other. And today he  had went to the waterfall with his 3 friends. Today was a special 24-hour interval, because it was the day before spring. Information technology was always a maxim that the cherry blossoms bloom the best the night earlier spring. They loved to talk most literature, and have fun reading books. Whatsoever manner, “today is a neat day” he thought to himself. Merely in a way something seemed off. He looked up from his book, and saw a certain expression on his friend tom’s confront. He seemed to be hurt. “Tom? What’s wrong? Tom?” Then tom all of a sudden said, “Why?” and passed out. Bobby rushed to become tom, and his two friends ran and came to help. They hurried out of the water, and ran dorsum to the cabin to telephone call 911. “What was wrong with him” He questioned his friends. They both had the same expression on their faces, every bit if they knew something bobby didn’t. “You lot are hiding something! Tell me.” He said angrily. They looked at each other and said to bobby, “Were lamentable we didn’t tell you, merely tom had a disease and he didn’t want you lot to know almost it.” Bobby was surprised that his best friend was sick, he was devastated, and didn’t know how to respond. After that the helicopter came to go tom, and take him away, but bobby didn’t say goodbye. He was too hurt to come across tom’s face. His friend max then came over, and explained to him that he cannot come here anymore. ” Why, what is your trouble?” bobby asked, max said, ” I can’t bargain with more problems, it’s stressful enough for me, im pitiful” Bobby then got up and ran away in pain. And then his third friend ran after him. “Wait, Bobby hold on!” He then stopped and looked back at his friend, and saw his friend face. Information technology was covered in tears also. Emilia ran into his arms to comfort him, and said, “I’m so sorry, I should have told you lot before, forgive me! I’ll be here for yous no matter what!” bobby pulled away and looked at her confront and said, “I now understand why he didn’t tell me so don’t worry, I forgive you and then delight don’t cry.” They both felt the same mode almost tom. “Permit’due south go home ok?” Emilia said. So they walked domicile silently. Hours later, they got a phone telephone call from the infirmary. It was about tom. “Friends and family of tom, unfortunately he has passed on, i give my condolences, im sorry” And as bobby already knew, he only sat there knowing he was never gonna become his friend back, And knew he could not exercise anything. The End.


they were decorated with plants and dirt or cement

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The Column of Trajan Features What Type of Art