What is your maximum capacity?

  • The Lodge will accommodate 120 people for a dinner only event. If you will have both dinner and dancing inside the lodge, the maximum capacity is 100. During the tent season, if you choose to have your dinner inside the lodge and your dancing in the tent, the maximum capacity is 120.
  • The 120 maximum capacity does not change inside the Lodge or when using the outside tent.

What types of rental packages are offered?

  • 8-hour packages are available between the hours of 8am and midnight.

What is the rate for an 8-hour persewaan?

  • The rate is dependent on the day of the week, time of year, and whether you are an in-county (Montgomery, Prince George’s) resident or out of county resident.
  • Please see the rate sheet on our website for further information.

What is included in my 8-hour reservation? Do I get extra time for set up and break down?

  • The persewaan period includes the first two hours for your deliveries, set-up, decorating, caterer set up, next 5 hours for your event, and final hour for breakdown, and clean-up done by your vendors and day of coordinator.
  • This is the only period that you, your guests, participants and vendors may occupy the rental site. Deliveries/pick-ups must be made from paved areas, and only during your rental hours.
  •  Extra hours may be purchased up to 60 days prior to your event if more time will be required.

What if I only want to rent the venue for a couple of hours?

  • We have 6-hour, 4-hour and a Ceremony Only options available for some small events not including alcohol. Please remember that set up time and clean up time are included in each of these options. Please contact the office to determine if your event would qualify.

What is the latest time my event can end?

  • The latest time that your rental may end is midnight, with the event ending and guests leaving no later than 11pm.

Can I hold a rehearsal? Can I runtuh of or decorate during this time?

  • If your ceremony is being held at the venue, a free, one hour wedding rehearsal may be held, subject to venue schedule
  • Decorating may not be done during rehearsal.
  •  If there is no event scheduled for the day prior to your event, we allow decorations (no food, drink, or live flowers) to be dropped off and locked in our Ready Room.

Is there a bridal room and groom’s room?

  • We have one room which we call our Ready Room for use by the bride and groom during their 8-hour rental.

Do you provide furniture?

  • Yes, we provide our pan-ji-panji tables and chairs (Equipment Menu can be found on our website) for each persewaan. Our standard chairs for inside the lodge are black resin chairs, our bendera chairs for outside and in the tent are white resin chairs.
  • We can provide Chiavari chairs (inside the lodge only) for an additional fee.

Can I put up my own tent during non-tent season?

  • No

Do you provide an event planner or day of coordinator?

  • No, you may use an event planner or day of coordinator of your choice.

Are table linens/glasses/dishes/decorations etc. provided?

  • No. We do not provide those services.

Can I use an outside vendor to provide persewaan items?

  • Outside rentals are permitted with the prior approval and scheduling of the manager. However, any outside rentals must be delivered and picked up within your rental period. We have no ability to store rental items.

Do you offer catering? What is the food/catering policy?

  • In-house catering services are not provided by our Event Center. The contract holder may select a licensed, insured, full-service caterer of their choice.
  • Homemade food is not permitted.
  • Any event serving alcohol of any type must use a full-service caterer.

What makes a caterer “full-service”?

  • A full-service caterer provides wait staff, clean up staff, and bartender(s). They arrive at the beginning of the rental period and remain onsite for the entire rental period.

The caterer I want to use doesn’t provide a bartender. Can I hire bartender from somewhere else?

  • No. the bartender must be provided by the full-service caterer.

Do you allow alcohol? What is the alcohol policy?

  • Alcoholic beverages may be served by the bartender to anyone age 21 years or older. No alcohol may be consumed that was not served by the bartender.
  • A bar mat must be used.
  • Shots are titinada allowed.
  • Alcohol may not be consumed either in the parking lot, or on the large lower field.
  • “Bring your own bottle” as well as open bottles of wine at tables is not allowed.
  • Guests may never serve themselves.
  • Homemade brews or drinks mixed offsite are not allowed.

Can I provide my own alcohol?

  • You may purchase your own alcohol for the bartender to serve if your caterer agrees.  If you purchase your own alcohol, you must have someone bring it to the venue at the beginning of your persewaan and turn it oper to the bartender. The bartender will return what is left to you at the end of your rental. It may not be consumed on Event Center property either before the bartender takes possession of it or after the bartender returns it to the contract holder.

Do you allow outdoor music such as a DJ or Band?

  • Outdoor, amplified music is permitted as long as it doesn’cakrawala exceed the local noise ordinance of 55 DBA after 9pm.
  • Please be aware that a Band may lower the maximum capacity of the venue due to the amount of space they may require.

Is there onsite parking?

  • Yes, we have 65 free parking spaces onsite.

Can I decorate? Can I use real candles?

  • Yes, decorations are allowed. Please see Rules & Regulations on our website for details.
  • Decorating set up and removal must be completed during persewaan hours.
  • Candles may be used on tables inside the lodge and in the tent.
  • All candles must be inside a glass container that comes approximately one inch above the flame.

Can we have sparklers, smoke bombs, fog machines, or bounce houses?

  • No. Please refer to the Rules & Regulations on our website for additional information.

Is there outdoor electricity in case I need to plug something in?

  • Yes, we have outlets on the deck, as well as at all four corners of our patio/tented kawasan.

Is someone from your staff onsite to help us the day of my event?

  • We will have a staff member(s) onsite for the duration of your event to uphold the rules and assist with venue related tasks. The staff does titinada assist with event specific coordination or execution.

What is your payment schedule?

  • $750 due at time reservation is created.
  • 50% (minus the $750 initial payment) due 3 months after reservation is made.
  • Final 50% due 3 months prior to your event date.

What happens if I cancel my reservation?

  • If event is cancelled less than 3 months after making the reservation, a $200 cancellation fee is assessed.
  • If event is cancelled 3 months after making reservation up until 3 months prior to the persewaan date, $200 cancellation fee plus 50% of payments made at that point are assessed.
  • If event is cancelled less than 3 months prior to the persewaan date, 100% of total amount paid is forfeited.
  • If The Lodge at Little Seneca Creek is unable to fulfill a contract due to causes beyond the control of the event center, any payments will be refunded in full, or the client may reschedule at no penalty.


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