The Tuxedo Shop of New York

The Tuxedo Shop of New York.

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Whether you’ve moved into a new office or are just looking to spice up the look of your current space, the furniture you choose can make all the difference. The problem many shoppers face is that office furniture is costly. This is doubly the case for a high-cost city like New York.

When you buy used furniture instead of brand new, you can save as much as 80% of the price of new furniture. In addition, buying used helps new businesses in one negeri in which they often struggle, which is cash flow. Instead of spending all your money on fixings and furniture, you can deploy a bigger budget on sales, marketing, or other business generating activities.

Buying Used Office Chairs in New York

It helps to buy good brand name items when shopping for used office chairs. Brands like Herman Miller and Haworth are good if you can find them. They tend to be costly when you buy brand new. However, they are long lasting and can add to the aesthetic appeal of your office.

You should strike a balance, however, between brand name and age. If the chairs you buy are too old, they might have lost all their aesthetic appeal. Stitching them up, installing new coverings, and repairing them can bring the overall cost up. In such cases, you would be better off buying cheaper brand items that have aged less.

When it comes to desks and tables, you can be very creative. These are items that can cost a lotre of money at retail, especially in big cities such as New York or Seattle. One early-stage CEO’s choice of desk has become famous. Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame converted a cheap door into a desk by nailing on some legs to the corners. You can emulate this frugality for your own office, especially if cash is tight. Some reliable brand names to shop for include Sauder, Monarch and Steelworth.

Finding the Best Used Cubicles and File Cabinets

Buying cubicles used can be more challenging than buying desks or chairs. Cubicle manufacturers sometimes stock used panels that can be fitted into your offices. Shopping for cubicle panels without measurement, however, can lead to you buying the wrong size of panels. As a result, what you buy might not be usable for your office space. The best approach is to visit the manufacturer and inspect the used cubicle panels they have. Then, if they look sturdy and good to the eye, you can request the seller to send someone to measure your space. You can then buy the panels and have the cubicles installed.

Used Furniture Dealers in New York

You can find a wide selection of used office furniture from furniture dealers in New York. Some well-known furniture dealers around the city are Bergen, Arnold’s Office Furniture, Sunrise Office Services, and Astoria NY Furniture. When shopping for used furniture, you can visit multiple stores to see what is on offer and to get the best prices. If you are buying many office items at once, you can request quotations from each of the dealers for your collection of items. You can then compare the quality and cost of items on offer to make the best selection.

New York Discount Furniture Stores

New York has numerous discount furniture stores. A short list of these includes:

  • Express Furniture Warehouse – It has locations in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.
  • Antiquarius Imports Warehouse Outlet – You will find beautiful furniture from all around the world at this discount store in Brooklyn.
  • Harlem Furniture – This discount store, located in the Bronx, stocks office and home essentials.

Visiting a discount furniture store will often enable you to locate some good used office furniture for very cheap. You can land good tables and chairs from these discount shops.

Shopping Used Office Furniture at New York Auction Sales

New York’s many auction houses provide another avenue for finding used furniture. Items on offer at auctions include quality hardwood desks, lamps, chairs, and other office furnishings.

Some auctions to visit include:

  • Hutter Auctions – This estate gallery on West 27th Street runs monthly auctions.
  • Doyle Auctions – This auction house is located in Manhattan, on the upper east side. They auction high-end furniture, jewelry, and other fine items.
  • Bonhams – An auction house on Madison Avenue.

Shopping furniture at auction can yield some of the best results, especially for upscale items. Not only can you find quality items at superb prices, but sometimes you will land a genuinely rare piece of office furniture.

The Tuxedo Shop of New York