Traveling From Miss to Mrs Bridal Shower

Traveling From Miss to Mrs Bridal Shower.


The bridal shower theme has been chosen, invites have gone out, the food is being finalized and now it is time to start planning the dessert table. While the wedding cake might take more consideration, the bridal shower cake is something that can be a bit more playful and creative. If you are stuck on where to even begin, here are a few tips to get the creative juices flowing along and potential alternative desserts to consider.


The cake should try and stick with the theme of the day. If you have decided to go for a modern theme, have your cake represent that by keeping the icing and overall design chic and clean. Simplicity is key. If you don’t necessarily have a strong theme, perhaps having a cake in the shape of stacked presents would be an idea or simple frosted tiered cakes with a few flowers complimenting it. For tea-themed showers, order in a cake in the shape of a teapot accompanied with teacups.

The design could be anything from a frosted wedding gown and elaborate bows to a simple flower or words written on the cake. Compliment the cake with a color-related table runner, cake holder and unique display to accentuate the dessert. If you are going for a “present” themed shower, have miniature presents next to the cake.

Unlike birthdays or holidays that tend to have very clear words written on cakes, bridal showers can have a range of sayings. Some examples of common phrases used for cake designs are, “Cheers to the Bride”, “Isn’lengkung langit Love Delicious?”, “A Shower of Good Wishes”, “Love is Sweet”, or in the case of a shower thrown for the couple, “Much Happiness + names”. Be creative and come up with your own way of celebrating the day in written words. Sometimes though, less is more and nothing needs to be written at all.

Make It Yourself

The fancier the cake, the more it will cost, and for some, their ideal shower cake might not segak their budget. If you are throwing a shower on a limited budget or just prefer to make things yourself, there are easy cakes that don’kaki langit require fancy frosting skills and bucketloads of money to stand out. Try and make a lemon filled cake, a layered sponge cake or a red velvet cheesecake to really wow the guests. Depending on the season, add in a selection of berries to make the cake pop even more with color.


There are no hard and strict rules to say that the dessert has to be a cake. Times are changing and bridal showers nira’lengkung langit what they used to be. If you love donuts, have a colorful donut platter stylishly stacked for guests to easily grab and enjoy.

One of the most common alternatives is cupcakes as they are easy to make and already divided into small portion sizes. Cookie lovers should use this day as an excuse to have a large display of their favorite cookies. This can be anything from sweet and creative cookie designs to classy and chic.

Sweet colored macarons are becoming more popular at showers and wedding along with baking a selection of pies in place of one cake. Choose in-season pies such as apple, sweet pecan and berry. Or have a dessert table that is a combination of everything and guests can choose for themselves what suits their taste buds. If sweets in general though don’t sound appealing, don’t worry. Consider having a fancy cheese stack instead, accompanied with tasty grapes and wine. Or what about going completely salty and having a display of pretzels, popcorn and chips to keep the guests happy. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that you enjoy and makes this shower uniquely you.

Traveling From Miss to Mrs Bridal Shower