Two Angles Are Said to Be Congruent if

Two Angles Are Said to Be Congruent if.


In geometry, congruent ways identical in shape and size. Congruence can be applied to line segments, angles, and figures. Any two line segments are said to be congruent if they are equal in length. Ii angles are said to be coinciding if they are of equal mensurate. 2 triangles are said to exist congruent if their respective sides and angles are equal. Let united states learn more about congruence and coinciding figures in this article.

one. Congruent Pregnant in Geometry
ii. Congruent Figures
3. Congruent and Similar Figures
four. FAQs on Congruent

Coinciding Meaning in Geometry

The word ‘congruent’ means ‘exactly equal’ in terms of shape and size. Even when we turn, flip, or rotate the shapes, they remain equal. For case, depict two circles of the same radius, then cutting them out and place them on i another. We will notice that they will superimpose each other, that is, they volition be placed completely over each other. This shows that the two circles are congruent. The following circles are said to be congruent since they accept an equal radius, and they tin can be placed exactly over i another. The symbol that is used to prove the congruence of figures is “≅”. Since circumvolve A is coinciding to circumvolve B, nosotros tin express this fact equally follows: Circle A ≅ Circle B.

Two congruent circles

Congruent Figures

The congruence of any two figures can be seen if they can exist placed exactly over each other. The word ‘congruence’ is used to express the relationship of two figures that are said to be congruent. In other words, if any two geometrical figures can be superimposed on each other, they are termed equally coinciding figures. This property applies to all figures like triangles, quadrilaterals, and then on. Autonomously from figures, line segments and angles are also termed as congruent if they are of equal measure out. Observe the post-obit figure to understand what congruent figures mean.

congruent figures

Congruent and Like Figures

There is a difference between congruent and like figures. Coinciding figures have the same respective side lengths and the corresponding angles are of equal measure. Withal, similar figures may accept the same shape, simply their size may not be the aforementioned.

For example, observe the following triangles which show the difference between congruent and similar figures. In the congruent figures, we tin run across that all the corresponding sides and angles are of equal mensurate. Nevertheless, if we observe the similar figures, we see that the corresponding angles are of equal measure, but the sides are not of equal length.

Congruent and Similar Fiigures

Congruence of Triangles

Two triangles are said to be congruent if their sides are equal in length, the angles are of equal measure, and they can be superimposed on each other.

Congruent Triangles

In the figure given above, Δ ABC and Δ PQR are congruent triangles. This ways that the corresponding angles and corresponding sides in both the triangles are equal.
Sides: AB = PQ, BC = QR and AC = PR;
Angles: ∠A = ∠P, ∠B = ∠Q, and ∠C = ∠R.
Therefore, Δ ABC ≅ Δ PQR
The following are the congruence theorems or the triangle congruence criteria that assistance to prove the congruence of triangles.

  • SSS (Side, Side, Side)
  • SAS (side, bending, side)
  • ASA (angle, side, bending)
  • AAS (angle, angle, side)
  • RHS (Correct angle-Hypotenuse-Side or the Hypotenuse Leg theorem)

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FAQs on Congruent

What are Coinciding Figures?

Congruent figures are those which take the sides of the aforementioned length and angles of the aforementioned mensurate. In other words, when one figure superimposes the other, the figures are termed equally congruent figures. They fit on each other exactly fifty-fifty when they are rotated or flipped.

How to Prove that Triangles are Congruent?

2 triangles are said to exist congruent if their respective sides are equal in length, and their corresponding angles are equal in measure.

What are the Properties of Congruence?

The backdrop of congruence are applicable to lines, angles, and figures. They can be listed as follows: Reflexive property, Symmetric property, and Transitive belongings.

  • The reflexive property of congruence says that a line segment, an angle, or a shape is always congruent to itself. For example, ∠P≅∠P
  • The symmetric property says that if one figure is congruent to another, and so the second i is too congruent to the first. For any ii angles P and Q, if ∠P ≅∠Q, then ∠Q ≅∠P.
  • The transitive belongings of congruence states that if line 1 is congruent to line 2, and line two is congruent to line 3, then line 1 is as well coinciding to line iii.

What Shape has all Congruent Sides?

The square is the only shape in which all the sides are congruent and all the angles are of equal measure.

What are the 5 Triangle Congruence Criteria?

The post-obit list shows the triangle congruence criteria or the theorems that prove the congruence of triangles.

  • SSS (Side, Side, Side)
  • SAS (Side, Bending, Side)
  • ASA (Bending, Side, Angle)
  • AAS (Bending, Bending, Side)
  • RHS (Right angle-Hypotenuse-Side or the Hypotenuse Leg Theorem)

Are Vertical Angles Always Congruent?

Yes, vertical angles are always congruent because according to the vertical angles theorem, when two straight lines intersect each other, the opposite angles that are formed are always equal (congruent). These angles are called vertically opposite angles or vertical angles.

What is Another Word for Congruent?

Congruent ways ‘identical’ in shape and size. Coinciding shapes are also chosen coinciding shapes. These shapes can superimpose each other and can fit exactly ane over the other.

What makes the Angles Congruent?

Angles are said to exist coinciding if their measures are exactly the aforementioned in degrees or radians. If ∠P = ∠Q, then both the angles are said to exist congruent angles.

Two Angles Are Said to Be Congruent if