Under the Oak Tree — 1st Kiss

Under the Oak Tree — 1st Kiss.

Chapter 45 – Devoured Till Morning (1)

“Hey, wake up, we’re not finished.”

Riftan murmured from beside her as he began to caress her hips with his thumbs, and began to lean in over her, suckling on her bottom lips lightly. Max’s eyes fluttered open, her mind still in a haze as she gazed up at him.

He moved her into a more comfortable position, her back against the bed as he hovered above her. He sat up in front of her, hefting his shirt up, throwing it adv lewat his head and left it on the floor. Their bodies pressed up against each other, making her shiver with pleasure–which seemed to please him some more.

He grabbed her ankle gently, pulling her leg up mencicil it propped against his shoulder, his hands resting on her waist before he moved his hips. Max let out a moan of pleasure, the sweat glistening against their naked skins.

The sight of the two of them together was unbelievably erotic. Her breathing turns ragged as she thought of what people would think at what they were doing? She remembers seeing a priest, who preached about the proper conduct of a virtuous wife. Was she living up to it? However, all thoughts faded from her mind the moment Riftan rocked his hips into her, her mind turning into mush as the pleasure began building up once more from deep within her.

“Uh… uhh….”

“Look at us.” Riftan groaned as he rocked faster, harder. His hand gripped the leg on his shoulder, while the other reached out to grab her chin and force her to look at their conjoined regions.

Her breath shudders at the sight. It was so foreign, and so frightening, yet intoxicating at the same time. He pushed until he was hilt-deep within her. Her stomach bulged along with every thrust moving up and down her stomach as his member pressed at her walls. She could feel the heat pooling up once more…

She began to writhe beneath him, trying to find somewhere to cling to.

“Uh, Ugh…!” she gasped, and squeezed her eyes shut, when the grip on her chin tightened.

“No, Don’t close your eyes and look. That I am inside you… that I you… ughh…” Riftan groaned, pleasure overriding his senses for a moment as his pacing began to feel ragged and irregular.

He pressed harder with every passing second, sending her closer and closer to the edge every time he pressed against her womb. She moaned wantonly in his hands. Riftan’s veins bulged out his neck as he kept up the rough lovemaking.

Max wanted to push him away, make him stop, but at the same time, she wanted to feel more of him pressing deeper, further inside. Riftan gritted his teeth as he could feel the sensation building up, his member stiffening with the sensation against his sensitive muscle.

Max felt herself being split open as he kept up the pace, it was rubbing her insides, causing sweet friction to fuel up the ecstasy she was feeling. She was squeezing him with every thrust. And Riftan moved like he wanted to break her open, make sure she was molded perfectly for him, and only him.

Max let out a sob, and covered her face with her hands as she began to feel her climax happening so close now…

So, so close.

Last she remembers was a blinding white light, and the sweetest sensation washing over her before she blacked out.

Their rough love making continued all throughout the night.


When she woke up, the first thing she registered was the light pitter-patter of the rain hitting the window panes. Max’s eyes fluttered open, blinking the sleep off her eyes, and watched the water cascade down, blurring her view of the outside. The chilly air hit her skin, making her shiver, and pulled the covers tightly around her body, all the way until it covered her nose, snuggling in its comfort. It was only until then, she realized something else, aside from the blanket, was wrapped around her.

Riftan shifted in his sleep, his arm draped around her stomach, before pulling them closer together. He pulled until she was flushed against him, her bare back touching his bare chest.

Max felt her cheeks begin to flush at the intimate contact, and felt it flush some more when the hand that was on her waist, began trailing upwards, cupping one of her breasts. His leg, which was tangled between hers also began rocking, rubbing against her sweet spot.

Thinking he’s stirring awake, Max turned to look at him, but saw him still deep in sleep, as the ministrations continued in a lazy manner, soft snores coming from him as he was burrowed in his pillow.

He looks so innocent like this, Max thought.

“Innocent…?” She blinked at the unexpected thought that crossed her mind. She’d never thought she could ever associate such a word with the man beside her.

He was the definition of its opposite.

Still, she found herself mesmerized as she stared at his peaceful expression. He was always so stern, his eyebrows always furrowed, face crinkled in serious thought when awake. But now in his sleep, nothing but a slight wrinkling of his nose was present. He truly looked like a young man still fresh in his twenties.

She freed one of her hands on its qalam of the blanket, and casually brushed her palm over the fringe of his hair. Riftan shifted, murmured something indecipherable, which made her freeze, thinking he would wake up.

She waited a few more moments, and then nothing else.

“Phew…” she whispered.

Suddenly she was struck with the urge to touch the smooth skin of his face. Her fingers twitched, hovering near his face, when she fought the urge down. Her heart was beginning to beat fast at their continued proximity. Any longer, and she might do something embarrassing.

“Ri, Riftan… st, stop now, we have to wake up…” she stuttered, trying to wake him up.

She looked out of the window. The rain was still coming down, which made it impossible to see the clear skies, but she could tell they’ve been here for a long time now.

Very carefully, as to titinada wake him up, she twisted out of his grasp and got out of the bed. Riftan murmured something indecipherable once more, still stuck in sleep, as she riol out of his hold. She batas to hold back a whimper when she rubbed against him.

The entire room was filled of the scent of musk and s*x. The sheets were soiled, their clothes littered all over the floor. It also didn’t help to quell the growing heat in her stomach also.

She breathed shakily, tucking her legs beneath her, before plopping back down on the bed. She was too magrib to get up. Every part of her was tingling with their rigorous session last night. She bit her bottom lip, remembering the way they touched, every sensation.

It was only after a few more moments, did she finally realize that the lump behind her had disappeared. Which only meant one thing.

Riftan was awake.

“Ri, Riftan…!” she exclaimed, but squeaked when she was pushed back to lie on her front.

She felt big calloused hands come in contact with her butt cheeks, kneading them, making her squirm. The hands squished and pulled, opening up her butt, presenting her other entrance. Her face was pressed on the pillows, her butt raised in the air, feeling the intruding sensation prodding at her, rubbing against her small hole. Her knuckles clenched on the fists as he prepped her. Spreading her berayun-ayun she opened up so nicely for him before pushing in.

Please don’t forget to breathe…

Under the Oak Tree — 1st Kiss

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