What Color Bouquet With Red Dress

What Color Bouquet With Red Dress.

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One of the most important wedding dress accessories, the bridal bouquet, is prepared according to the trends of the new season and is presented to the brides liking. Bridal flowers prepared in different colors and models can be chosen as living or artificial. Helping the wedding dress look more elegant and aesthetically pleasing, this accessory is difficult for bride-to-be candidates to choose. You can find out the answers to all the questions regarding choosing a bridal flower such as what you have to pay attention to, how to choose the color of the flower and how to order the flower.

Bridal Bouquet Guide

Though some bride candidates have the impression that the bridal bouquet is easy to select, this is actually not as simple as it seems. Immediately after the gown is purchased, it is necessary to start researching the flower. Otherwise, one can be in a situation where the bridal bouquet does not fit with the wedding gown, wedding concept, shoes or hair and makeup.  When choosing a flower,  undoubtedly the most important point to note is whether the flower will be artificial or real. Both types of flowers have different advantages within themselves.

Real Bridal Bouquet

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Betulan flowers, particularly for summer and spring countryside weddings, create a wonderful harmony with the wedding concept. You can be sure that your countryside wedding will be perfectly complete between the greenery with your real bride’s flower. Whilst holding live bridal flowers, which support your energy renewal at any time, also play an active role in making brides look simpler and more aesthetically pleasing. You can also catch a general harmony by combining a crown with the same flower variety as your bridal bouquet.

The most important thing you need to be aware of when buying sungguhan bridal flowers is the dyes used to make the flowers look beautiful. Painted flowers can mess up your bridal gown and cause stains. So you should get flowers or information about natural colored flowers from your florist. You can a create a more elegant look by putting colorful tulle or other accessories among your bouquet. If you are planning to have a countryside wedding you should choose bouquets with purple, pink, red or yellow colors.

Artificial Bridal Bouquets

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Artificial bridal flowers, which are indispensable for weddings held especially during the autumn months, are complementary to the classical and heavy appearances and wedding dresses. You should not forget that you can choose the colors you like in your artificial flowers just like in sungguhan flowers.

You can go for a bridal bouquet that will put itself in the foreground with its colors, leaving the “white flowers suit white wedding gowns” logic behind. In addition, you can carry your flower all day long since there wont be an issue about dye with artificial flowers. You can also be sure that the bridal bouquet, which is decorated with different colors, will become more aesthetically pleasing in your wedding photographs. The most advantageous part of getting artificial bridal flowers is that you can keep your flower as a life memorabilia. By adding the bouquet next to your album in your living room, every time you see it you can remember your wedding, which is the happiest day.

Consistency of the Bridal Bouquet with Shoes and Hair

If you want your bridal flower to segak in style with the bridal dress, you should also be attentive to your hair accessories and your shoes. You can crown your elegance by choosing a bridal flower that matches the colors of your shoes and the accessories. You can complete your combination, especially for countryside weddings, with a purple-pink-white crown and a bridal flower of the same colors with of an open hairstyle. The same colored tulle ribs that you will tie to your shoe and bridal bouquet will also help you to have a aesthetically pleasing look.

Bridal Bouquet Miniatures

You can make miniatures of the bride’s flower and prepare a boutonnière or memorabilia for the bridesmaids. These accessories will help you feel more special in your wedding, but it will also be a memorable wedding for your loved ones. You should choose your flower just after you have purchased your wedding dress in order to be not late to have your bridal miniatures done. Otherwise the miniatures left for last minute may not be ready on time. You can get recommendations from experienced friends who have made this preparation before.

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What Color Bouquet With Red Dress

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