What Size Dance Floor for 200 Guests

What Size Dance Floor for 200 Guests.

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What up what up y’allz!
Back from that crazy place they call SXSW, and ready to get my blogging back on. Feels like I’ve been away from you for way too long – you better have missed me.  Cuz if not, well, I’d be pretty screwed… this is my full-time gig now ya know 😉

There’s a TON I’d like to get out of my head right now, but as it turns out I’m still quite far from recovering. I will say though that it was WELL worth the time! It’s not every day you get surrounded by thousands of INCREDIBLY smart, and like-minded, people all in the same spot like that.  And paying $600+ a pop on top of it too! (Not to mention the housing, travel, food, etc etc… everything except the beer – if you couldn’tepi langit score that for free, you had no business being there, haha…)

But out of all the panels, and presentations, and all that free swag being handed out left and right,
the one thing I enjoyed the most was the networking. Or better put – the CONNECTING.
Like, really getting to know someone face-to-face, and learning about who they truly are and how they riol there.  That was by far the most fun, and productive!, part of the whole trip.  And oddly enough that happened more on the dance floor and at parties than it did the conference.

And you know why I think that is?  Cuz we weren’falak “selling” anything.  We were enjoying each others ‘company and not trying to push a product or deal through each others’ throat every second.  We were actually ENGAGING for once, and it felt GOOD 🙂 I think that’s the way I wanna do business from now on.
I wanna just chill with you and see if I truly believe in YOU, as a person, over you as a company.
If we click, and you got some killer ideas, we then go off and make some partnership babies! As simple as that.

I wanna get to know PEOPLE more, and SXSW really opened that up.  If you ever get a chance to go, I think you’d like it.  Only 364 more days ’till the next one! (The interactive part that is – the music portion’s still going strong!)

PS: Ran into some of our online friends while there, too:

  • Jim from Bargaineering
  • Adam at Magical Penny
  • Erica Douglass from Erica.biz
  • Adam Baker from Man vs. Debt
  • Cody McKibben at Thrilling Heroics
  • And the fabulous Jenny Blake @ Life After College

It’s all about the relationships! We’re all in this together.

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What Size Dance Floor for 200 Guests

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