What to Wear at Muslim Wedding

What to Wear at Muslim Wedding.

– the main upacara in a Muslim wedding is one of the most beautiful and aesthetic cultural ceremonies that exist! Titinada only are the different rituals of an Islamic wedding divine and graceful, the aesthetic wedding venues and Islamic wedding fashion exuberate grandeur. Mukminat wedding dresses combine subtlety with glamour, gorgeousness with grace, tradition with style!

Muslim Wedding Dresses - Bride & Groom

Muslim wedding dresses for the bride are usually long and have an element that covers the head of the bride. This part of the Islamic wedding dress may be a color-coded scarf resembling a
or it may even be a
to cover the head.

Most Muslim wedding dresses are embellished and flaunt stone-work, thread work, sequin embroidery etc and come in either light muted colors or deep bright colors. Such dresses rarely come in pastel hues, even though there is no set rule that they can’cakrawala.


Variations through Traditions –New Age Muslim Wedding Dresses

Muslim bridal wear has undergone a long process of evolution since the last century. We can now specify few broad types of ethnic attires that are most popular among Muslim brides of the times.

with Mughal Lehenga

Kurti with Mughal Lehenga - wearing by Kareena Kapoor KhanGet Custom Made Wedding Wear

The look created by pairing an embellished
with a lehenga skirt and a
is much like the sharara-kameez look if not more gorgeous. If you are a Muslim bride and you want to wear a lehenga but can’t wear a typical blouse, you can definitely wear a

2. Long
with lehenga

Muslim Wedding Dress - LehengaGet Custom Made Wedding Wear

Lehenga, long Choli and
sets are still immensely popular as Muslim wedding dresses. Not only are they convenient and comfortable to wear, they also come without the hassle of getting hold of a separate scarf or headgear.

Bridal long

or top sets come with gorgeously embellished
work etc are common in Muslim bridal

3. Kameez

Muslim Wedding Dress - Kurta with skirtnameerabyfarooq | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

are a typical type of the
that probably originated in Awadh in the late 19th
century. They are immensely popular today across India and Pakistan as Mukminat bridal dress.

4. Light Embroidered Kameez with Sharara

Muslim Wedding Dress - Sharara

refer to a kind of bottom-wear paired with a
and a
dupatta. They are basically flowy, flared pants. There is a undian of debate on where the fashion originated but most opine that
originated in North India during the Mughal Era, somewhere between the 18th
and the 19th

5. Bridal Dress with

Muslim Wedding Dress - Dress with Dupatta

A very popular and trendy
Muslim wedding dress
for the bride is a long, gown-like, flowing bridal dress with an embellished
dupatta. These dresses are ankle length and may even come with
bottoms. The
is the show-stopper of this look. Most of these
come in net fabric with a heavily embellished border and motifs all through.

6. Grey and Rose Gold
Muslim Wedding Dress

Grey and Rose Gold Zardozi Muslim Wedding Dress

Muslim brides personify glamour and subtlety. This wedding dress reflects exactly that! The
with a long
is exquisitely embroidered in the
style. Both the colours used are light hues – grey and rose gold – go really well with the metallic

7. Red Double Dupatta Style
Kurti Lehenga

Red Double Dupatta Style Kurti Lehenga

A tunic paired with a
skirt may seem like a conservative choice but on the flipside it enables you to create a more structured silhouette which becomes a great background for detailed embellishments. This bride wears a
above her


skirt. Both components of the bridal outfit flaunt detailed floral
embroidery. The outfit also has the double
style – one boasts an unconventional hemline embellished with gold threads and the other is plain draped cross body.

8. Heavily Embellished

Muslim Bride wearing Heavily Embellished Sharara

This Muslim bridal look is indeed unique! The
comes with a slightly long tunic in a cut which a cross between
and peplum. The entire outfit is in earthy pastel tones boasting floral
minakari-like embellishments in
zari, sequin and thread work. The net
has a cut work border.

9. White Bridal Dress

White Bridal Dress

To latihan jasmani a serene and subtle look, a Muslim bride may opt for something in white. This fit and flare,
anarkali-style wedding dress comes with intricate
work in the palest shade of gold. The rose gold net embellished
acts as the classiest accessory to this outfit.

10. Bridal Saree

Muslim Wedding Dress - white SareeGet Custom Made Wedding Wear

Bengali Muslim brides wear sarees for their wedding. Their attire is much like the Hindu wedding bridal except for the fact that they wear the

You can also opt for designer wedding sarees of Sabayasachi or Manisha Malhotra.

11. Bridal Lehenga

nameerabyfarooq | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

With time, the lehenga has entered the Muslim wedding scene. Many Muslim brides in India are seen in a gorgeous lehengas with double
style. One
is usually draped round the body and the second one is used to cover the head.

Much of the credit of introducing the lehengas as Muslim bridal dresses goes to Bollywood. In fact, Bollywood has gone a long way in multiplying the glamour quotient of Islamic wedding fashion.

12. Bluish Grey and Peach

Bluish Grey and Peach Sharara

Enough of simple wedding outfits! This one will blow your mind! The bride here wares a
set in a colour which it somewhere between powder blue and steel grey. The outfit is heavily embellished with gold and silver
work, sequin embellishment and stone work. An equally embellished peach toned jala
forms a unique and attractive contrast.

13. Beige Gold Vintage

Beige Gold Vintage Gharara - Muslim Wedding Dresses

A traditional
paired with a short tunic never fails to create that vintage Muslim wedding look! This coupled with the unique colour combination of rosy beige and gold creates a vibe of the yesteryears. The floral metallic
embellishments are detailed near the lower hemlines of both the
and the
bottoms. The
has an embellished border and golden polka dots all adv lewat.

14. Heavily Embellished

Muslim Bride wearing Heavily Embellished Shararashaadiwish | Get Indian Wedding Dresses

This Mukmin bridal look is indeed unique! The
comes with a slightly long tunic in a cut which a cross between
and peplum. The entire outfit is in earthy pastel tones boasting floral
minakari-like embellishments in
zari, sequin and thread work. The net
has a cut work border.

15. White Bridal Dress

White Bridal Dress

To gerak badan a serene and subtle look, a Muslim bride may opt for something in white. This fit and flare,
anarkali-style wedding dress comes with intricate
work in the palest shade of gold. The rose gold seser embellished
acts as the classiest accessory to this outfit.

Drool-worthy Muslim Wedding Dresses for the Brides

In this segment we show you 10 different Mukminat bridal dresses that are traditional yet trendy. These dresses are proof of the fact that in reality there are no stereotypical bridal colors or styles. Each dress is unique in its own way.

16. A Dress Fit for the Royals

Deepika Padukone looks stunning in this Muslim wedding dress.twimg.com

Deepika Padukone looks stunning in this
Muslim wedding dress. The dress has numerous shades of red combined beautifully together with gold. The bottom is a flared brocade Mughal skirt in golden and warm red.

kameez, in reddish-orange, is almost covered with the double-dupattas. One of the
that cover her head is sheer. The one on her shoulders is in dark red velvet. Different types of gold embroidery adorn different segments of the outfit.

17. Teal Bridal Dress with Dupatta

Teal Bridal Dress with Dupattaas_collcetions

This bridal dress is in a shade of green – teal – which makes it traditional and at the same time sets it apart. Who knew that golden sequin work would look so gorgeous on teal? The dress has a
cut that compliments most figure types.

is simple in order to keep the focus centered on the exquisite golden work on the dress.

18. Layered Ivory Silk

Layered Ivory Silk Lehenga

This larger than life wedding outfit consist of numerous layers. A peplum jacket and corset is paired with a
skirt. There is a net
as well as a wine velvet shawl as accessories. This handcrafted piece flaunts multicolour
minakari-style thread work on an ivory silk base interspersed with
embroidery. The
and the
boast hand embroidery and



19. Lilac Grey Muslim Wedding Dress

Muslim brides never fail to come up with unusual colour choices. While for weddings in other communities, the bride is expected always in bright and dark hues, in the Orang islam community there is so such compulsion placed on the bride’s fashion choices. This bride flaunts a lovely grey tunic-lehenga
set with exquisite floral metallic embroidery. The grey color is tinged with lilac – a shade that comes across well in the net

20. Peach and Gold Wedding Gown

Lilac Grey Muslim Wedding Dress

This Muslim bride looks exquisite in her peach-toned,
anarkali-cut wedding gown paired with
bottoms and a
dupatta. This unique wedding look is enhanced with gold floral stone and sequin embellishments. The
flaunts big chunks of stones at the border!

21. Stone Blue Bridal Dress

Peach and Gold Muslim Wedding Gown

This beautiful bridal gown comes in the most unconventional yet graceful color. The
anarkali-cut gown has a brilliant flare and the bantau
draped around the head of the bride adds a dash of elegance. The dress and
are embellished with gold and silver
work, multicolour beads, stones and pearls! This dress is heavy and imparts a regal vibe!

22. The Red & Gold Contemporary Bridal

Stone Blue Muslim Bridal Dress

Looking for something a little on the ‘fusion’ side of the spectrum? This bridal
is the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary styles! The tunic is in a straight cut and boasts traditional
embroidery. The
bottoms come in a brocade fabric with big motifs. The designer has cut down on the flare and they look like palazzo bottoms. If you plan to gerak badan a fusion, boho or contemporary look on your wedding, you can opt for such a Mukmin wedding dress.

23. Gold Embellished Tunic with Cold Shoulders

Muslim Bridal Dress - The Red & Gold Contemporary Bridal Sharara

This appealing bridal attire consists of a wine red flared
skirt with gold embroidered motifs and matte gold embellished tunic in the peplum style. The exquisite tunic is embellished all over, creating a textured look and the unique part is the slit down the middle that exposes the richness of this fabric of the
skirt. The tunic also flaunts cold shoulders.

24. Gold
Kurta Lehenga

The Red & Gold Contemporary Bridal Sharara - Muslim Wedding Dress

This outfit comprises of a heavily embellished bridal calf length
lehenga. The
skirt comes in a heavy gold fabric which is the highlight of the look. The dark red
is heavily embellished in gold
zari. The
which also has a gold
embellished border is also in two tones – red and orange.

25. The Magic of Light Pastels

The Red & Gold Contemporary Bridal Sharara

The beauty of Orang islam brides dressed in the lightest hues transcends the materialistic world! This bride dressed in a
in the lightest shade of blush pink looks serene, graceful and celestial. The outfit has the right amount of floral embellishments in subtle pastel shades.

26. Light Pink
Kurta Lehenga

The Magic of Light PastelsReeshma | Get Wedding Wear for Bride

This Orang islam wedding dress follows conventions by being in the combination of light pink and gold. Some combinations never fail to impress and the beauty of this Mukmin wedding dress is enhanced by the mix of embroidered and printed embellishments.

27. The Red Bridal

Beautiful Muslim Bride wearing The Magic of Light Pastels

This outfit is simple yet the richness of the colour makes it unique in its own way. The
anarkali-style knee length dress is in a solid shade of blood red with only a green and gold embellishment border. The gold-bordered
makes it look traditional!

28. Beauty in Simplicity

Beauty in Simplicity - Muslim Wedding dresses for bride

Some brides may want to flaunt a simple yet glamorous outfit on their wedding day. If you are one of those brides, make sure to choose a colour that is both classy and elegant and there are few colours more graceful than lilac. This Muslim wedding dress is made out of a rich silk fabric and boasts beads, stones,
and metallic thread work. This Muslim wedding dress resembles lacha which is again a beautiful outfit.

29. Pink and Gold

Pink and Gold Sharara

This one is another example of a simple yet graceful Muslim wedding dress. The beauty of this outfit lies in the richness of the pinkish purple fabric. Also
bottoms with a short
is a unique choice. The outfit is simple with just a gold
border and paling floral embroidery near the keyhole neckline. Paired with the net
the outfit looks extremely graceful.

30. Simple Red Sharara Kameez

Simple Red Gharara Kameez

Unlike the customs of marriages in other Indian communities, Muslim weddings don’ufuk necessitate the bride to wear red. If you still want to olah tubuh something in red you can opt for a simple red
instead of a heavy
lehenga. This outfit has multiple golden orange borders with minimal embellishments, distributed on the neckline and the borders of the
dupatta. Tiny
are distributed sparsely all over the tunic.

31. Red and Gold Bridal Dress

Red and Gold Bridal Dress - Muslim Wedding Dresses

A bridal dress does not have to be simple or understated! This bride flaunts one in dark red velvet with all-over gold
and sequin work. This bridal dress is the perfect cross between a red embellished
and an ethnic gown.

31. Embroidered Lavender Bridal Dress with

Embroidered Lavender Bridal Dress with Dupattasheena_makeup_artist

This exquisite
Mukminat wedding dress
is in a soft, pastel shade – lavender. The dress uses no silver or golden elements like sequins,
etc. Instead, the detailed purple and violet embroidery takes the dress to another level. The embroidery on the border of the
is a mark of sheer craftsmanship. The bride has cleverly paired this dress with gold and stone jewellery.

32. Gold and Sequins

Golden Mughal skirt and kurti wedding dresswedmesoon | Get Started with your Bridal Wear

Gold is a bridal color but matte gold isn’tepi langit! This bride sports a matte golden Mughal skirt and
wedding dress. The color is so muted that it is close to beige. The
has all-adv lewat sequin embroidery and the
dupatta’s borders boast the same style.

Lehenga is also a very popular Punjabi wedding dress as its such a beautiful attire and mostly top bridal attire choice for the Bride for her big happy day!

33. Shades of Pink

Muslim wedding dress.dulhanbymischief

This bride flaunts a unique
Muslim wedding dress. She wears a dark pink
skirt with stone and sequin work. On that she wears a
which resembles an elongated peplum top with uneven hem.

is in a combination of dark and baby pink. The
too has a similar color combination. Silver sequin embroidery is present throughout the
dupatta. This dress is the perfect mix of tradition and new-age fashion.

34. Blush Pink Lehenga

Blush Pink LehengaGet Started with your Bridal Wear

Talking about unique shades brings us to this Muslim wedding dress in the form of this blush pink lehenga. This bridal dress has a subtle and graceful appeal. The full-sleeve lehenga blouse is adorned all over in silver sequin work.

The lehenga bottom and the
are simple with details only at the borders. The bride pairs this dress with diamond jewellery.

You can also opt for designer wedding Lehenga like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Shyamal & Bhumika or even Anita Dongre for your wedding day but keep in mind that the designer lehengas are very expensive. As they say if you have to buy, you have to buy 🙂

35. Red and Matte Gold

Red and Matte Goldsaadziafilms

Though a red bridal dress is very common, this one is unique as it pushes itself away from a stereotypical combination of red and gold. Instead, this dress is in a warm red color with matte gold embroidery from top to bottom.

This heavily embroidered dress is a work of art and the bride has cleverly paired it with a plain
and paling kecil jewellery.

36. Lehenga in Unique Shade

Lehenga in Unique Shadesabiha.lodi | Get Started with your Bridal Wear

This unique color doesn’t have a name. It is somewhere between alabaster and a jasmine white. The embellished blouse has been paired with a plain skirt and
dupatta. The lehenga skirt and
have paling silver sequin work at the borders and small motifs all over.

37. Heavily Embellished

Heavily Embellished Sharara & Kameezpakistan_outletbylubnasaboor

Just take a look at the Muslim wedding dress of this bride! Calling this outfit overwhelming would be an understatement! The dark red
are replete with
embroidery and sequin work in gold.

The contrast
in beige also has gold and red embroidery of a similar kind. It goes without saying that a lot of hard work and skill has gone behind the creation of such a dress.

38. Dark Green Mughal Skirt

Dark Green Mughal Skirtas_collcetions

This is the most traditional color when it comes to
Muslim wedding dresses. This dress has traditional gold
embroidery. The motifs on the skirt are reminiscent of Mughal designs.

which has a slanting yet pleated hemline is also heavily embellished. Any bride would look extremely gorgeous in such a dress!

Some Iconic
Orang islam Wedding Dresses
of Bollywood

39. Anushka Sharma in
Ae Dil Hain Mushkil

Anushka Sharma in Ae Dil Hain Mushkilhttps://i.pinimg.com| Get Started with your Bridal Wear

Who doesn’t remember Anushka Sharma’s Orang islam wedding dress in the song “channa mereya”? She wore a shimmery golden and beige
and double
set with elements of green and red. It is reported that this Sabyasachi outfit weighed a whopping 17 kg. Thanks to all the sequin and stone work! The jewellery, which was mostly emeralds and diamonds, weighed another 3 kg.

40. Alia Bhatt in

Alia Bhatt in Raazivogue | Get Started with your Bridal Wear

Alia wore a deep red
set and a red and sea green
in the wedding scene of the movie Raazi. This outfit was specially designed to bring back the charm of the yesteryears, which is the early 1970s – the time period depicted in the movie. The make-up was minimum – smoky eyes and bold lips. For accessories she wore a
raani haar,
maang tika
pasa. The pearl, ruby and gold combination in the jewellery gives a vintage feel to the look.

41. Preity Zinta in
Veer Zaara

Preity Zinta in Veer Zaararediff.com | Get Started with your Bridal Wear

Preity sported two
Muslim wedding dresses
in the movie. For the engagement scene, she wore a purple and cream
But this bridal look, where she wears a hot red, almost orange,
set really steals the show. Such a color brightens the complexion and also looks great in photographs.

42. Nargis Fakhri in

Nargis Fakhri in Rockstar

Nargis Fakhri looks absolutely stunning in her warm red and gold Kashmiri wedding dress in the movie Rockstar. It should be mentioned here that Nargis was depicted as coming from a Kashmiri Pandit family in the movie but this outfit has all the elements of a
Muslim wedding dress
– the
style, matching head gear and a

43. Sonam Kapoor in
Dolly Bopeng Doli

Sonam Kapoor in Dolly Ki Doli

Sonam sports numerous bridal looks in this movie, where she is playing the role of a girl who marries different membubuhi cap and robs them on the wedding night. In this case, she is dressed up as a Muslim bride. She wears a subtle moss green
salwar kameez
with matte bronze sequin work. The look is graceful yet glamorous. The jewellery is also paling kecil – chandelier earrings and

44. Parineeti Chopra in

Parineeti Chopra in Daawat-e-Ishq

This look has to be mentioned for the sheer uniqueness of the color. Parineeti gorgeously sports a white
Mukmin wedding dress
here. It has elements of blue and has been paired with diamond jewellery. The subtlety of the look takes it to another level.

Traditional Elements in Muslim Bridal Dresses

45. Accessories with Muslim Wedding dresses

  • The Holy Alquran specifies the wedding dress for a Mukminat bride. Putting it broadly, a Mukmin bride needs to wear a dress that exposes only her face and hands.

Muslim Bridal Dresses

  • Traditionally, the
    salwar kameez
    is the top choice among Mukmin brides. The
    is used to cover the head of the bride. In many cultures, the traditional attire for the Orang islam bride is a saree. She uses the
    to cover her head or a separate scarf. In other cultures, the
    Mukmin wedding dress
    comprises of a
    paired with a
    bottom and a matching

Muslim wedding dress

  • As sendirisendiri traditions, green is the most auspicious color for the Muslim bride which makes bridal outfits in this color extremely popular.

Muslim wedding dress

  • Apart from traditional necklaces, bangles and rings, Muslim brides wear a nose ring on the right side of her face. This is an important part of the Muslim wedding dress. After she is married, she needs to replace this ring with a pin. The nose pin is a must for Mukminat married women.

Muslim wedding dress

  • Another compulsory accessory in the Muslim wedding attire is a
    jhoomar. Also known as
    pasa, this is a fan-shaped piece of jewellery that is attached to the hair of the bride. It hangs from one side of her face on the forehead. Usually she wears it on the left side of her face.

Mukminat Wedding Dresses
for the Groom

The traditional dress for the Mukmin groom is
churidar. Embroidery is a must on the
of the Mukminat groom. But most grooms these days prefer to wear the
sherwani. Grooms are also wearing
with embellished jackets or
for their wedding.

Muslim grooms also wear pieces of jewellery like necklaces, bracelets and rings. Grooms wear
or any other type of embellished sandals. Some grooms wear headgears as well.

46. Multi Layered

Get Started with your Groom Wear

White, off-white, cream and ivory are the most preferred colors when it comes to Muslim wedding dresses for grooms. This groom wears an off-white
and an embellished off-white jacket on top with
pajamas. The outfit has silver sequin embroidery all over.

47. The Boros


This lavender brocade
with the ivory bottoms is fit for the royals. The
comes without a
dupatta. But the groom has paired a pearl and stone necklace with it. The look is sober yet glamorous!

This embellished cream
comes with a contrast
dupatta. The
comes in silk and has silver sequin work, concentrated near the collar. The rest of the
has woven motifs. This
Muslim wedding dress
comes with a velvet maroon
with silver sequin work. This aspect sets it apart.

48. Galaband
coat with flared Salwar

means closed neck and if you pair a gala band coat or jacket with a pair of flared salwar then its an amazing combination. Try to make have contract colors between your coat and salwar as that would give a much more vibrant look.

Usually a
is not paired with any dupatta or stole since but you can always opt for a plain/less embroidered store to match with the color of your salwar.

49. Brocade

indiangroom | Get Started with your Groom Wear

This smart groom keeps it simple by sporting a dark blue and white brocade
complimented with pearl buttons and a vintage brooch.

This groom keeps it minimal with a white
kurta-pajama. What adds the unique quotient to this Mukmin wedding dress is the dark green silk jacket.

50. Plain Jacket with Chudidaar

If you are looking for something simple yet elegant than go for a plan coat or jacket and pair it with a
which is again plain. Also you can make a lightly embroidered stole as that you even further enhance the overall look oof the outfit.

Final Word – Mukmin Wedding Dresses

Today, Muslim wedding dresses are not confined to the Islamic community alone. Many Hindu brides also wear skirt and
style lehengas,
etc on their wedding reception. Muslim wedding dresses are seen as a welcome change from the usual lehengas and sarees in other pre and post wedding functions too.

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ghararas, Mughal skirts, long ethnic gowns, ornate
etc. We also have a huge range of custom madesherwanis
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What to Wear at Muslim Wedding

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