When is the Best Time to Book Honeymoon

When is the Best Time to Book Honeymoon.

Your wedding date is fixed? Time to book your honeymoon… or maybe not?  The honeymoon is a much-needed respite after months of wedding planning. For many couples, it’s also the trip of a lifetime — the first long, exotic trip taken together. So you have to make sure you book it right and at the right time. We asked the experts who specialize in booking honeymoons to find out what is the right time to book your honeymoon!

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A Travel Duet says

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“Best time to book tickets and hotels – ideally 6 – 9 months before your travel. Also, suggest not making the mistake of just booking tickets because sometimes there are particular hotel which you’ll like and if they are not available then you end up changing flights and incurring more costs.

Designing an itinerary is an art. Lots of factors come into play so best to discuss this with your planner. For us the more we know and understand the couple the more customised the itinerary gets based on their taste, preference and budget. People often tell us “my friend went to this resort or my family suggests this”. We feel each couple is different and what works for one may not necessarily work for another. Before you berangkat planning we recommend you both understand each other’s interest and try incorporating those in your itinerary so you can #BondOverExperiences on your honeymoon.

Another small tip for couples leaving straight after marriage or batas an arranged marriage is to start off with a quieter getaway be it a beach destination or a vineyard. This allows you to relax as well as get to know each other before getting into the busier parts of your itinerary.”

Travel Diaries says

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“It all depends when and where are you going. If it’s an international destination, 6-8 months is a must while a domestic trip can be done 5-6 months prior. If you are going at the peak season of that destination, add a month more to your planning as the later you wait more expensive it gets in the tourist season.”

What WMG Recommends

  • The cermin time to book your flight tickets-  is about 8 months prior, especially if you’re planning to go to a boutique or a super touristy destination
  • For hotels- depending on where you are going you can book as early as 5-6 months before. If yr travellng to Paris/ London or Europe in general those get booked out SUPER early.
  • Travel agents don’t mean expensive. In fact, travel agents have insider knowledge on deals and discounts and cultivate personal relationships with hoteliers, which can sometimes mean a room’s suddenly available in a booked-solid hotel. Also, if you get stuck somewhere on your honeymoon they have the means and the contacts to help you out in an unknown destination!
  • Always tell the hotel that you are booking that you’ll are on your honeymoon. Usually the resort plans a surprise dinner or maybe a bucket of complimentary champagne. They may even offer a booking discount or a room upgrade. Goodies everywhere!
  • Don’t leave immediately after the wedding. Sounds very movie-like but in reality you’ll just be exhausted with the wedding and travelling on the first few days of your honeymoon. So book accordingly.

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When is the Best Time to Book Honeymoon

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